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Malec Fanfic Rec!

Malec writing goodies from amazing writers.These are some golden works

4 times Alec almost said I love you, and the one time that he actually did by sufferingbisexual

Alec realized he was in love with Magnus. However when will he be able to actually tell him.

Across the Hall by clato27

“'She looks just like your wife,’ Magnus said, offhandedly. His gaze tore back to Alec when he heard the other man choke on the coffee he was drinking. ‘Oh, I’m sorry, are you two not married.’ 'Uh, no,’ Alec said after recovering from his coughing fit. 'Izzy is my sister.'”

Aka, the “I fell in love with the pregnant girl across the hall’s brother” AU.

Addicted To You by @imawriteriwrite

Magnus Bane’s the head of his own company. Alec Lightwood is in his last year of law school. They’ve never met but have one thing in common: neither does relationships. Just one night stands. That is until they find themselves matched on a hookup app and suddenly one night is not enough.

Also known as the one where Magnus and Alec meet and think they can have no strings attached sex and not develop feelings.

Alecs Husband by NotEvenThat

Max misses Alec and finally demands that he go with Alec and his friend.. Even if Mom says no.

Amor Aeternus by @lolguess

In a world where the Clave encourages soulbonding you would think Magnus and Alec have it easy.

And Then I Met You by @everydayfandom

Sometimes someone comes along and throws you of your life path. And sometimes that’s not such a bad thing.

Bibliophile by @dorkberto

Despite what his sister thinks about his non-existent love life, Alec is not in danger of an oncoming descent into recluse crazy cat owner. For one; Church would eat his competitors for Alec’s undivided attention and two; Alec’s a little hung up over Magnus Bane.

Blue storm by @dorkberto

Ragnor was gone.

Ragnor was gone

Bright Lights, Small Town by @lecrit

When Magnus gets to Nashville, Indiana to handle his late mother’s will, he doesn’t expect to be forced to stay there for six months. Six months away from New York and lost in the wildness of the countryside.

It quickly appears that he is going to go through six months of living hell.

The fact that he hates the local veterinarian on sight isn’t helping.

Broken Arrows by @gibberish10

Over his parabatai’s missing, Alec lashes out at everyone, including Magnus Bane, his warlock lover.

Come Undone by @gibberish10

No one has asked him how he felt, but Alec did.

Complete Me by Maleciseverything

“What one loves in childhood stays in the heart forever.” -Mary Jo Putney

Drop It Like It’s Hot by @janoda

Alec tries to deal with people behaving differently since the wedding. He hadn’t counted on Dylan from Accounting.

Fusion by prfctdaze

Magnus gets the surprise of his life when he walks in to Jade Wolf.

Happy Birthday, Beautiful by @themagnusbane

The thing about having lived for centuries is that birthdays are no longer such a big deal. A pity no one told that to Magnus Bane’s party extraordinaire boyfriend: Alec Lightwood.

Hold me tightly by Tchell1

“I thought you had died, Alexander” Magnus finally said as a way of explaining himself “I saw you die”

Hypnotise by highlytrainedfangirl

Alec had a problem. One that was wrapped up in exquisite clothing and dusted in glitter. Alec was quickly realising that being around Magnus was terrible for his composure. Ignoring the fact that he could barely string a sentence together without tripping over his words, he’d discovered a new distraction: magic.

I found God but it wasn’t supposed to be by @intangibel

After closing a particularly spectacular legal case Magnus sends Ragnor a celebratory text only to find himself the victim of autocorrect and having to explain to a very handsome angel (Alec) that he isn’t God, no matter how much he wishes he was right now.

In The Cards by Obssesivecompulsivereadr

Magnus wore cardigans and baggy slacks. He owned two cats, and he lived in a home more suitable for an elderly mundane woman for a reason. He was to remain boring and unsuitable for most associations with people. He did not like attention, no matter how positive it might be. He was to seem eccentric and weird. Living a life focused on magic that was supposed to not exist.

Into You by @darrenchristsupastar

Alec has more layers than we may have previously thought

It’s Time To Lose Your Virginity, Brother Dearest by @themagnusbane

Magnus Bane is a famous stripper, used to pretty boys falling in love with him after one dance. The feeling is hardly ever mutual. But when he meets the freshly turned twenty-one year old Alec lightwood, he can’t take his eyes off him, and they find themselves in love quicker than they expected.

Looking at him by @jainsel-and-the-ships

Alec Lightwood is in love with his best friend and colleague Jace.
Jace is straight and at the moment he’s dating this Clary girl. Alec is certain it won’t last, as all his friend’s previous relationships.
Then there’s Magnus Bane, another co-worker and a man who sure knows how to make Alec feel embarrassed.
Something’s going on between Alec and Magnus.
Something’s going on between Jace and Clary too…

Magic and Rum by NotEvenThat

Shortly after the party, Magnus finds Max in the kitchen.

Make a home out of you by @thealmostrhetoricalquestion

“There is a delicate system in place and you are destroying it, Alexander Lightwood. Unhand my pants.”

“Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d hear you say. You’re usually encouraging me to put my hands on your pants.”

Morning hair by @lollylokoala

While Magnus was completely aware of the effect Alec had on him, he didn’t know that a tiny little detail in Alec’s morning look could make his heart skipped a beat.

My Heart Smiles by pseudofoucault333 

Magnus is an interior designer who is dreading going to his yearly Christmas party and Alec a waiter who has dealt with more than enough Christmas cheer to last a lifetime. But when the two set eyes on the other across a crowded restaurant are they going to be destined for more when the festive season is over?

My True Love Gave To Me by @imawriteriwrite

Magnus Bane had a plan, a perfect Christmas Eve just like always. Hang out with his friends, bask in the Christmas Spirit. Then everything went wrong.

Now he’s stuck reliving the same day again and again and again. The bright side? Maybe Alec Lightwood isn’t as terrible as Magnus always thought.

Never Stand Between Two Mirrors by @oncethrown

Alec has enough on his plate right now. His parents are furious at him, Magnus Bane is making him feel things he’s trying so hard not to feel, his wedding is coming up, and his world is breaking apart.What he doesn’t need is a fussy mundane version on himself showing up in the Institute basement. What he doesn’t need is Magnus telling him that they’ll just have to wait for Seelie Magic to suck that version of himself back to his own dimension.But since when does Alec get what he needs?

Alternate Dimension Alec gets trapped in the Shadowhunter reality at some point after the “I know you feel what I feel” scene. The gang desperately tries to stop chaos from ensuing. 

Nothing But A Distraction by @actuallyredorchid

Clary doesn’t sneak away when Alec’s on the phone, so Alec accepts Magnus’ invitation to “go out for a drink”.

Off to a bad start by @fangtasticsaphael

“How did you manage to never run into him? He’s always helping with stuff and he’s even been at the institute about three weeks ago to strengthen the wards against further attacks from Valentine,” she replied and looked at her brother incredulously. Alexander scrunched up his nose and shrugged.

“Well, maybe I have better things to do than waiting around to watch some overrated warlock do magic tricks,” he commented a little defensively but it was the truth. He always had something to do and even when they were not out demon hunting, he had either paperwork to do or train.

“Pardon me, but I’m not just some overrated warlock. I’m the High Warlock of Brooklyn and that title is well deserved, if I may say so. And I’m appalled that you refer to my magic as petty tricks. You Nephilim always act to high and mighty, yet you’re constantly in need of some tricks from overrated warlocks to help you out of some unnecessary dilemma,” a foreign voice interjected and Alec whirled around, fingers instinctively curling around his bow to be ready to attack if need be. The owner of the voice was not what Alexander had expected, to be honest.

Oh lover, hold on by @fireblazie

The mask and goggles clatter to the ground. Isabelle makes a choked noise, and Jace whispers, paper-thin, “Alec?”

Magnus stops breathing as Alec’s gaze—cold, dead, and empty—comes to rest impassively on them.

“Who the hell is Alec?”

(Loosely based on Captain America: The Winter Soldier.)

One Show Only by KouriArashi

It’s hard to stay in the closet when the guy you had a one-night stand with two nights ago turns out to be your new partner … but Alec will be damned if he isn’t going to give it a try.

People say crazy things by @ohlafraise

“But what I don’t get is why Magnus cares so much about a random shadowhunter,” Jocelyn said.

Simon winced. “Oh, boy.”

Pick up lines by Gracefanfics

Admittly maybe using pick up lines in the middle of your brother’s rune party was a bad idea.

A short fic about Alec not having great timing in using pick up lines on Magnus.

Shooting Pool by @malec-is-pretty

Magnus and Alec go on their date and a simple game of pool gets them a little wound up.

Somewhere safe to finally break by onefootintheboilinghotlava

With the war finally over, Magnus had time to be alone and his mind decided to bring up all the things and people he had lost in the war at once. At his own loft, with his two beloved cats sleeping soundly, Magnus broke down……

Tampons and Concealer? By onefootintheboilinghotlava

So Izzy sent Alec to get tampons and concealer…Alec was standing in the drugstore, not even sure where to begin, when a handsome stranger offered to help.

That’s your cue by @theleftboobgrabber

“Keep your hands to yourself,” Alec tells Magnus apropos of nothing.

Magnus frowns. “I’m on the other side of the table!” he protests… not that he wasn’t thinking about some light groping per say, but they’re in public, Alec might not be into it and, while he’s good at concealing it, Magnus does have manners. Sometimes.

My take on Magnus and Alec’s date.

The Choices of the Chosen by KouriArashi

The day after his 21st birthday, Alec is sent to the demonic court as a gladiator, where he makes both friends and enemies … along with meeting Magnus Bane, who doesn’t seem to fit in either category.

The Only Magic I Believe In (Is The Magic I Receive From Loving You) by @delilahbelle

Or, four gifts Alec gives Magnus.

“No one’s ever done anything like that for me before.”

Alec’s face softens. “Well, I’m going to do it for as long as I’m alive. So get used to it.”

The Second Kiss by @simonseroticfriendfiction

“So here we are.” Magnus said, taking a step closer to Alec.

Alec gulped and took a deep breath in through his nose. “Yeah, here we are.” He squeezed his fingers nervously in his fists as he caught Magnus glancing towards his lips. “I-I suppose you want me to kiss you?” He stuttered, voice faltering.

This Christmas (You’re Someone Special) by vulturemonem 

Last Christmas, Magnus Bane had his heart broken.

Again, and again, and again.

And he didn’t think it would be mended anytime soon. He certainly didn’t think he’d be ready to let anybody in. Until a beautiful boy walks into his shop, and steals his breath with shy glances, kind words, and a fantastic coffee machine.

Maybe this Christmas will be better.

Or: In which Camille is awful, Ragnor and Raphael are an old married couple, and Magnus can’t help but be enamoured by Alec Lightwood.

This Night Is Not Forever by @isabellebiwoods

Alec Lightwood is a happily settled down man in a loving, caring relationship. But things weren’t always that way… and once upon a time, Alec used his Valentine’s Day to celebrate the spirit of the night as much as possible.

aka. world inverted legendary lothario alec lightwood

Too Much is Never Enough by Obsessivecompulsivereadr

They are on opposite edges of the same ideal. Alec so young, and Magnus so much older. Alec a blessed acolyte of the Angel, Raziel. Magnus the abandoned son of the Greater Demon, Asmodeus. Magnus with so much more unimportant and irrelevant experience, and Alec with none. They could not be more different if they tried, and yet, they are also the same. A matched set of uncertainty and inability to accept that someone might want them for exactly who they are.

Top Three by @nebulein

So.” Alec flops back onto the bed, sprawled in a lazy heap on his back, sated and boneless. Magnus is already lying on his belly, basking in the afterglow, and he surreptitiously steals closer, burrowing against Alec’s side. “Best sex of my life.”

Magnus hums, resting his head on his arms, revelling in the thrill those words send through him.

“Or, well,” Alec hazardously waves an arm around, “easily in the top three.”

Magnus giggles. He has no idea where that came from. It’s uncharacteristic for him. Magnus Bane, High Warlock of Brooklyn is usually much too dignified to giggle. But then Alec turns his head and grins at Magnus, lopsided and loopy but brilliant, oh so brilliant, warming Magnus from the inside out and maybe this is exactly the kind of situation which calls for a giggle, so Magnus will allow it. Just this once.

“How about you?”

Twenty-One-Year-Old Alec Lightwood by Obsessivecompulsivereadr

Alec tries not to want Magnus, but it goes about as well as all those other things Alec’s tried not to want throughout the years. Which is… badly

Warm In Your Light by @actuallyredorchid

It’s far too easy, letting himself be swept away.

(S02E07 missing scene)

We must choose to reach out and touch by Ambros

Magnus holds out his hand, a silver chain running around his middle finger and wrist, and Alec doesn’t have the time to process it – to think, doesn’t have the time to realise what’s going to happen because he has to take it and he does, electricity dancing through their fingers and down his back and he tries not to think about it, holds out his own hand for Jace and feels unbalanced; he knows Jace’s touch, remembers it from roughing each other up when they were kids even though he tried to forget it, to turn it into a ghost when he understood, but Magnus’ is new and smooth and unassuming and he feels uncomfortable, doesn’t know what to do with it.

Who Ya Gonna Call? By @menckenschrestomethy

“You have to—“

“Help you?” Magnus filled in dryly.

Or: The Six Times Magnus helped someone, and the one time they try to help him

Will you be my best friend? Will you be my last? by @lightwoodlesbians

or the 'you pretended to be my partner bc my ex wouldn’t stop talking to me’ au

You Are Certainly My Poison of Choice by iktwabrokenbone

So there he was. Midnight, at a party. Preparing himself to do something with a guy. To spend one night getting all of this- this unspeakable desire out of his system. He needed to forget it before he made a mistake and ruined his career, his chances of becoming Head of the New York Institute.

(Alec’s panic attacks were getting worse and worse and maybe if he spent one night with a guy he could get it out of his system, and he could forget being gay and loving Jace. But nothing went that smoothly, so of course Alec’s one night stand had to be Magnus Bane, and they had to keep bumping into each other. It wasn’t like Alec wanted to understand his emotions, anyway.)

Tumblr played with me and there are some blogs that doesn’t show and there are some authors that I couldn’t find them here. So sorry.

10 Facts About Me
  1. I love Ghost Adventures. I will literally watch twelve hours of Ghost Adventures at a time. If you think that I won’t sit in an abandoned, haunted house on the off chance any of the Ghost Adventures crew will come by to give me one of their patented “aggravate the ghosts” speeches, then you are wrong.
  2. I am a huge scaredy cat, but have very poor self preservation skills. I have to know. I have to. I hear something upstairs? Sounds like a murderer? Hip hip, it’s investigation time.
  3. I love lox. Smoked salmon an everything bagel with capers and onion and cream cheese. Sign me up. I’ve had it every year for my birthday breakfast since I was 17.
  4. One time at the beach one of my brothers got swept off the rocks by a big wave. I just stood there screaming, making no move to save him, until he washed back up on shore laughing his ass off.
  5. I later became a lifeguard with that same brother.
  6. Screaming freaks me out. It never used to until I became an EMT (large families are loud), but it does now. Even celebratory screaming or “so nice to see you” screaming.  It automatically makes my spine rigid, my hearing super sensitive, and my muscles tense. I have to see what’s happening to relax.
  7. I hate kazoos, actually. Someone recently invited me to a kazoo party. “It will be fun,” they said. “Over my dead body,” I told them with equal earnestness.
  8. I have four siblings, all the same age as me! I don’t know what I’d do without them, they’re all such amazing, talented people. Every time I talk to them I am continuously amazed that due to marriage/blood/blackmail they have to like me.
  9. I’ve been writing stories since I was eight. It started in Mrs. S’s class where we were writing fables and I wrote about why the moon is so much smaller than the sun. I ought to write her a thank you note.
  10. I am writing this list instead of working. This list is powered by procrastination, the most powerful force in the world. We should all be afraid of procrastination. It is too mighty.

I just saw Banghim’s teasers and I literally cried. Himchan looks beautiful as always. But I’m just so happy to see Yongguk. He looks so good!!!! I missed him so much!!! His beautiful fluffy hair, those hands, that long neck….I can’t wait to see him on stage with his brothers!!! To see him smiling and laughing with them…. Ugh it’s so beautiful I could die

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Viktor and Yurio's reactions to Yuuri having a twin(twin au)

((You didn’t state what ‘kind’ of twin, so I’m going with twin sister who looks similar to him and I’m calling her Yuuki (courage!)))

-When they first see her, they’re like ‘wtf did Yuuri turn into a girl’

-But when she says ‘nah, I’m just his twin sis’

-It’s even more of a ‘wHOAH’

-They definitely both adore her

-And Yuri always goes to her for advice

-Since she’s like a big sis he never had

-Meanwhile, Viktor is slowly starting to fall for her

-When he realises it, he’s like ‘oh shit’

-Not exactly what he had planned when he came to Japan, but it’s not bad either

-Like her brother, Yuuki wears glasses and has bangs

-And it’s the most adorable thing ever

-But when she accompanies Yuuri to the banquet, she takes them off

-And pushes her bangs back

-And hot damn does she look good

-All the men there are smitten

-And she gets drunk

-Thankfully, she’s not as bad as her bro when she’s drunk

-She just becomes slightly more daring

-And Viktor’s her next victim!

-Poor Vitya

rbutler11  asked:

The dusky women is the one infecting victarion's hand right? I love how he assumes it's the maester and never even suspects the DW because he's misogynistic and dumb

Originally posted by gif-007

Yeah, you pretty much nailed Victarion’s character right there. Even as Vic tells himself “Euron’s gifts are poisoned,” it never occurs to him to suspect that the woman “gifted” to him by Euron, whom he allows to care for his hand and to whom he reveals all his plans, might be Euron’s spy. Just look at the basic reverse psychology Euron uses to ensure li’l bro takes the dusky woman with him…

As a reward for his leal service, the new-crowned king had given Victarion the dusky woman, taken off some slaver bound for Lys. “I want none of your leavings,” he had told his brother scornfully, but when the Crow’s Eye said that the woman would be killed unless he took her, he had weakened.

…or her otherwise-inexplicable reaction to Moqorro coming on board the Iron Victory. 

As he opened the door to the captain’s cabin, the dusky woman turned toward him, silent and smiling…but when she saw the red priest at his side her lips drew back from her teeth, and she hisssssed in sudden fury, like a snake.

Remember: “silent and smiling” are both words strongly associated with Euron, given the Silence and his “smiling eye.” 

Imagine the Winchesters fall in love with you at first sight

“We need to be prepared for the son of a bitch this night so…” Dean trailed off when he noticed that Sam wasn’t listening. “Sammy, are you listening?” He asked, watching his brother. 

But Sam didn’t answered, all he was able to do was looking right in front of him. He was like in another world, like mesmerized by something. Dean frowned and turned his head to watch what Sam was looking at. And then he saw you. You were just in the another side of the road, talking with a old lady. Your smile was magnificent, your hair was shining with the sun and your eyes was sparkling. You were breathtaking. 

“Wow.” Dean murmured

“I saw her first.” Sam said, looking at his brother. 

“No way. She’s mine.” Dean argue, knowing that he was better at flirt. 

“She’ll prefer man like me, kind and caring. Your won’t seduce her with your pick-up line”

“Watch me.”  


Lala: Oh okay…Nico. I made breakfast for Remy. But there’s enough for you…and Allison. If you’d like.

Nico: Remy gets up late. It’ll be cold by then.

Lala: Oh no, I usually wake him up when it’s all ready. And if he’s not ready to get up, then I just put in the oven to keep it warm for him.

Nico: How nice of you. I’ll have some coffee.

Nico sits down, while Lala smiles nervously at him. She couldn’t tell if his comment was sarcastic. And it unnerved her that he didn’t make eye contact with her. His expression seemed a million miles away.

Lala politely: You have a beautiful home, Nico. Thank you for welcoming me-

Nico interrupts: Give me the short version of why you’re with my no good brother and why your face is like that. You can lie to me if you want, but you’ll be more welcomed here if you tell me the truth. 

been talking to @peacefighting about this gif. and i had to write a little bit of meta on bellamy’s stance here. it already looks like bellamy’s eyes are closed when they take off the bag. his shoulders are slumped and his head lulls to the side.

compare that with the tension in kane’s body and we can see the difference between someone grieving but still ready to take steps forwards (kane) and an empty shell (bellamy). he thinks his sister is dead. and he didn’t just lose a person he loved, he lost someone who is essential to his being.

for as long as he can remember, he’s been big brother. and now that’s suddenly taken from him, by a person he helped to save, no less. he’s thinking - who am i without? would she have died if i had been better? would she have died if i hadn’t helped echo? it should have been me.

he’s not ready to talk this out or to move on. he’s barely even in existence anymore. he’s the most defeated he’s ever been in the show and, for the first time, his words from last week (are we still breathing?) are no longer true.

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Fluffy headcannon of hanzo x Zenyatta sister reader pls?

Birthday is referring to this

  • You start all of the affection between the two of you
    • He reacts awkwardly at first by slowly warms up
    • If anyone teases him he freezes up and tenses
      • He doesn’t throw you off however the moment is ruined.
  • The two of you have memorized each other door pins
    • You use it to go in his room while he’s on a mission and leave notes all over the place
    • Some are romantic but a lot of them are inspirational or compliments
      • You can do this!
      • I believe in you!
      • Your nose piercing looks nice
  • The two of you meditate together
    • Every other day
    • When you’re not with meditating with Hanzo you’re meditating with your brother. 
    • You radiate peace that makes it so easy for him to slip into that head space
  • The two of you start walking around town
    • just window shopping as you take in the bustle
    • The way you smile at him makes all of this worth it
    • You generally don’t want much but if you do want something he immediately buys it for you
  • On your birthday he gives you a bouquet 
    • Putting it in your room as you’re at the party D.va and Lucio (and Zenyatta) threw for you
    • There’s a bracelet wrapped around the stems of flowers
  • On rainy days the two of you will just sit in his room with the screen door open and watch the rain
    • You lean on his shoulder and just give a pleased sigh

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wait so how much does r!mccree hate r!genji? with his entire being to the point where he wants to kill him or just enough that he doesn't trust him at all? ive been browsing ur blog for like an hour so i know mccree doesn't like him but i kind of want to know the extent its interesting to me lol. and one more question, if hanzo and genji somewhat repaired their relationship would mccree still hate him no matter how good of terms the brothers are on? i love ur blog

McCree’s usually a pretty level-headed guy, but just thinking about Genji and what he did, let alone interacting with him, makes his blood run so hot its a wonder he doesn’t spit up coals. Even so, it’s probably more that he hates him enough that any time he sees him he wants to kick his teeth in, but not necessarily kill him. But you better believe it wouldn’t take much coaxing for him to consider doing Genji in haha (not that he’d go through with it. He couldn’t do that to Hanzo). 

If Genji and Hanzo reconciled, McCree would tolerate him, as he already does, but honestly he wouldn’t trust Genji to stay in his good graces for long. Unpredictable, mercurial, mean, playing nice wouldn’t change the fundamentals of Genji’s personality. His dislike might cool to a low simmer, but it’d never fade entirely, and he could turn it back up at a moment’s notice–which he thinks is necessary. Hanzo won’t hold Genji accountable for his actions, but someone needs to be willing to for Hanzo’s sake, and as far as McCree’s concerned, that duty falls to him. 

mum texted me asking me to talk to my little brother because he wants to drop out of his mechanics course he’s just really scared and doesn’t know what he wants to do and he’s been kind of forced into it by momentum and pressure to decide on his future and my parents are making it worse by trying to force him.

so i talked to him, told him that i know that feel and that i support him and talked about what he wants to do and how he’s feeling. he doesn’t want to work and i can’t blame him. i think mum wanted me to talk about how i’m not actually happy but frankly i am despite my circumstances. i’m surviving and i have good days and bad days and i told him that. 

he’s going to look into getting a retail job, he just wants something simple that pays okay that can support his interests in scootering and gaming. he doesn’t want to change the world, he doesn’t want to study any more he doesn’t want to struggle with dyslexia any more he just wants to live.

jarod reminds me why i’m a socialist.


Sherlock has thrown on some pyjamas and his blue dressing gown and is currently glowering from his chair like a disgruntled kitten. I’m sure he thinks it looks menacing, but the tousled hair and pillow creases still visible on his face are really not helping. The older Holmes brother just ignores his attitude and gets down to business.

My: I have to admit, I was surprised by your text, but I’m glad to hear you finally have seen reason about this case.

J: I’m sorry, what case?

My: The Itzek Diamond. It was set to appear in a special exhibition about Romanian and Moldovan craftsmanship at the Natural History Museum. Two weeks ago, just after it had passed the British border, it vanished.

Mycroft pulls a manilla folder from his briefcase and walks over to his brother to hand it to him. When Sherlock refuses to make a move to grab it, just tugs his arms around himself a little tighter, Mycroft sighs and instead passes the file to John.

Originally posted by codenameantarctica

My: I believe, I don’t have to tell you about the importance of discretion on this delicate matter. The exhibition is not due for another week and we’d like to avoid disquieting the Moldovan Treasure Ministry.

J: So, you haven’t told them yet that their priceless diamond has got nicked?

Instead of addressing the question, Mycroft just gives one of his smarmy smiles.

My: Since time is of the essence, I’d advise you to get started right away.

That seems to awaken Sherlock from his brooding. With a clap of his hands he jumps up off his chair and snatches the file from his flatmate’s grasp.

S: Right, we’ll give it our whole attention.

There is an audible silence coming from John, so Sherlock looks back at him, eyebrow raised as if to say: Problem?

J: I…I can’t. You know I can’t. I have that job interview later today.

Mycroft’s sharp gaze snaps to his brother, who refuses to meet his eyes.

Originally posted by t-eyla

S: Nonsense, John. Didn’t you hear? This is of international importance.

The older Holmes is still staring at Sherlock. I can see his brain ticking away like a well oiled clock, analysing each twitch in his brother’s face. His eyes narrow to slits when he seems to have found the answer to his unspoken question.

My: Interesting.

Sherlock’s jaw tenses, but he is still not daring to face his brother.

I’m not sure if it is to let him off the hook or just because of his busy schedule, but Mycroft seems to give in. For now. He averts his gaze and starts to gather his things to leave. He is almost at the door, when he halts again.

My: Oh, and another thing.

He reaches into his briefcase once more and withdraws a black parcel, which he then holds out towards John. When no further explanation is being offered, John takes it a little warily. As soon as the lid is removed his eyes widen.

J: That is…

My: A British Browning L9A1, yes. Do try not to drop this one into the Thames. These things don’t grow on trees, as I’m sure you are aware.

John is visibly flabbergasted, but before he can say another word Mycroft gives him a curt nod and is out the door, umbrella twirling in his left hand.

I Thought I Lost You Forever

Imagine: Imagine being supernatural gifted and because of your gift, you can come back from death and confessing your feelings for Elijah, when he thinks he has lost you forever and Klaus giving you his blessing with his brother.

Notes// CREDITS TO AUTHOR. Whoever emailed this in, didn’t write their account. I do not take credit for this.


I could see him. He was standing next to the tree I fell from, when we first met. I literally fell at his feet and instead of bursting out in laughter, he remained a gentleman and asked me if I was fine. At this moment I couldn’t say anything, I just stared into his warm brown eyes.

Later, I learned he was one of the Original Vampires, whom the supernatural community was afraid of. Elijah saved my life that day I fell from the tree, and since then, I have not been afraid of him or his siblings.

Witches wanted to sacrifice me, to get more power and because of my ability to walk between two worlds, as I liked to call it, I was the perfect choice.

I was always able to sense the presence of ghosts and the people I have met in my earlier life. I do believe in reincarnation and the fact that I could sense Elijah’s Presence when he was around, was proof to me, that I indeed had known him from a previous life of mine.
The witches had taken me from one of my days off from college and from the moment everything blacked out, I couldn’t remember anything, not even how I died.

Elijah’s Brother Niklaus came closer and didn’t said anything, they just stood next to each other in Silence. I always called him Klaus, unless he was in Trouble, then his girlfriend would yell his full name. Every time when that happened and I happened to be in the room, he would turn to me and say “I’m in trouble” with his Devil Smirk as I called it, because he was never really bothered when one of his siblings or his girlfriend called him by his full name.

“We will avenge y/n.” he promised Elijah, it seemed like that Elijah didn’t care for avenging me.

“It won’t bring her back” he replied.

Revenge would not bring me back, but I could see him. So dying the witch I was, I should be able to get through the barrier that made it impossible for Ghosts to make physical contact or been seen by people who aren’t like me supernatural gifted.

But when I see him, what would I tell him? That I love him? That I was too scared he wouldn’t feel the same way? Because I knew he had Feelings for Hayley a long time ago.

Before the witches took me, I overheard a conversation he had with Rebekah, where he told her that he had feelings for someone, but it wasn’t Hayley. I was so scared of the answer that I didn’t wait, I just took off. Now maybe, I have the chsnce to tell him how I feel but I am not sure if I am strong enough to enter the real world again.

“Elijah” I spoke his name gently and it seemed like he had heard me, because he looked straight into my eyes.

My hand reached out to him, and he looked at my hand and within seconds, I felt his warm Arms around me, his lips on my ear whispering, “I thought I lost you forever Y/N”.

My heart seemed to explode, my Face in his hand, his Lips on my mine. The feelings racing through my body were undescribable.

When he released me from his firm grip, I took all my courage and whispered “I love you Elijah”. The smile what broke through on his face by my words was truly heartwarming.

“I love you too my little angel” he replied and his words brought me back completely in the world I had shared with him before my death.

“I know you two would like to be alone now but I’m happy you’re back Y/N and make my brother happy” Klaus gave us his blessing before disappearing and leaving me with my love.

“How is this even possible?” Elijah asked me while he hold me close and searched my face for answers as if he couldn’t believe that I was back.

“I don’t know, I’m just glad that I could see you and I won’t leave” I replied and kissed him quick.

Elijah smiled, “I won’t ever let you out of my sight again Y/N” he made clear and I smiled at his words. Since the day I fell at his feet, I had always thought he was special, now I know how special he was indeed. He was my soulmate no matter how awfully romantic it may sound. He was my one true love.

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lets discuss

#1 Sam Drake

Sam is a cinnamon roll that needs to be protected. He is everything right in this world, and he loves his baby brother so much, and I (and a lot of others in this fandom) will protect him until I die. Totally fuckable 10/10

#2 Nathan Drake

Nate is a lil ball of sunshine that also deserves everything right in this world. He is a smol bean just trying to make it through the world and deserves no more suffering. 

#3 The Game

Alright, this game is god damn BEAUTIFUL. Every aspect about it is amazing, from the details to the scenery to the CHARACTERS. UGH ITS SO PERFECT

when you finish i need you to let me know your reaction. i want to know your thoughts. i want to know what you’re feeling.

be prepared for the endless nights of thinking about the sam and nate and the game

i welcome you into the fandom 

i wish you the best of luck


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Please, can you write a fic where Gou and Seijuro are on a road trip with Momo and Rin. Juro drives most of the way, but then is hit by a wild migraine and starts throwing up. Rin takes over the driving, while Gou dotes on her ailing boyfriend. Momo is worried about his brother and tries his best comforting him as well. I really admire your work. Your blog is truly awesome.... Thank you very much!

Thank you for saying so^-^ I’m a sucker for compliments


He had agreed to drive, even though his head was aching slightly. He figured it would go away after a while if he was distracted enough, but he was wrong.

Less than halfway through the drive, his headache got more intense and it started to effect his vision. He didn’t want to alarm anyone and he didn’t think there was cause for concern just yet, but the more his head pounded, the more disoriented he became.

Driving with cloudy vision made him dizzy in a sort of carsick way. He tried not to let on how terrible he felt but it was getting harder, as his condition declined along with his driving skills.

“Look out!” Rin shouted from the front seat as Seijuro nearly ran into a car in the opposite lane.

“Honestly, I don’t know how you managed to pass your driving test.” Rin said, easing back into his seat with his arms crossed.

Seijuro remained worryingly quiet, this only increasing his passenger’s suspicion that something was wrong.

“Seijuro, honey, why don’t you pull over and let Rin drive?” Gou said from the back seat. Beside her was sitting Momo, who was fixated on a handheld video game.

“I’m fine dear, thanks for your concern.” Seijuro assured her.

But this was far from true. By this time, sharp pains were piercing his skull and his stomach was rebelling as his vision betrayed him.

He was so disoriented that his stomach lurched inside his mouth. He covered his fist over his mouth to play it off like the sound had been a burp, but Rin still gave him a concerned glance.

Seijuro tried to ignore him and kept driving but the nausea wouldn’t let up. His stomach lurched again, this time more forcefully and he felt his stomach contents shoot up his esophagus.

A loud sound emitted from his throat that nearly made Rin jump. “You okay?” He asked nervously.

“Yea-” Seijuro tried to say, but he was interrupted by powerful gag that ushered up a stream of liquid that overflowed over his bottom lip, traveling down his chin and staining his shirt.

Rin jumped in shock, trying not to panic. “Okay Seijuro, pull to the side. Now.”

“What’s wrong oniichan?” Gou was very worried.

“It’s okay, Gou. Everything’s fine.” Rin didn’t think it would do them any good to increase the panic among them.

Momo yanked out one of his headphones. “Hey what’s all the fuss about?” He wanted to know.

“Something’s wrong.” Gou said, angry that Rin wouldn’t explain what was going on.

“What?” Momo’s face fell in concerned. “Sei, you okay?”

Seijuro managed to pull over and Gou jumped out of the car. Her jaw dropped when she opened the driver’s side door and saw Seijuro dripping with vomit.

“Oh god, Seijuro.” She helped him as he clambered out of his seat dizzily. The moment he stepped foot outside he shot forward with a heave.

Rin had come around the other side to help. He cursed when he saw Seijuro’s condition. They moved him away from the car and Gou stroked his back as he leaned over the side of the road, breathing unevenly.

Momo started climbing out of the car and called out to them. “Hey! Someone tell me what’s going on!”

“Just stay in the car Momo-kun.” Gou insisted, knowing Seijuro would only feel worse knowing he was scaring his little brother.

Momo pouted and sat back in the car.

Seijuro clenched his eyelids in pain from the bright sunlight outside.

“He must have a migraine. He gets them sometimes.” Gou told Rin.

“Oh yeah.” Rin thought. “I remember he had to cancel practice a few times because of that. I had no idea they got so bad.”

Seijuro winced in pain and clutched his stomach with a cough. Then with another heave, he was puking onto the road.

“I think maybe we ought to find a hotel for the night?” Rin suggested.

Gou agreed, feeling sorry for Seijuro as he was covered in sick. “Rin, can you look for a napkin or something in the car?” She asked, and he raced over.

“I’m so sorry.” Seinuro shook his head in shame. “I shouldn’t have been driving. I put you all in danger.”

“Shh.” Gou stroked his arm. “We’re all fine. Let’s just focus on getting you better.”

They tried to get Seijuro as cleaned up as possible before they had to get back on the road.

“Momo, you’ve been upgraded to front seat.” Rin told him.

“Wait, really? Sweet!” Mono said excitedly, until he saw Gou helping Seijuro back to the car. “Wait… why?”

“Just get up here.” Rin wasn’t in the mood to have to deal with a child.

Momo angrily moved to the front and Gou and Seijuro sat in the back.

“Here.” Rin handed Gou a plastic bag and she thanked him.

Momo’s jaw dropped when he turned around to see Seijuro looking sickly in his vomit stained shirt. “Niichan! What’s wrong?”

“He’ll be fine. Let’s just get back on the road.” Rin said, taking the wheel and getting them moving again.

The driving was killer for Seijuro. He was already dizzy, and sitting in the back only increased his nausea. He couldn’t help but moan as he curled himself up in the corner, clutching his stomach tightly.

“It’s okay love. We’re going to stop soon.” Gou promised.

Seijuro hunched over on himself, covering his mouth with his hand. “Gou-” He whimpered.

Gou held out the bag for him and he was quickly spewing his stomach contents into, the sound of it hitting the bag was sickening. Rin winced, and Momo’s eyes widened with horror at the sight of his brother.

“Hey, cut that out.” Rin grabbed Momo’s head and forcibly turned it back towards facing the road.

“Itaiee!” Momo squirmed. “That hurt!”

“I already told you, Seijuro will be fine. Leave him be would you?” Rin pleaded.

Momo crossed his arms and pouted in his seat. “I just wanted to help.” He said grumpily, every once and a while still glancing in the mirror to make sure Seijuro was okay.

“That’s it, it’s okay.” Gou coaxed, rubbing his back as Seijuo leaned over the bag. “How’s you’re head?”

“It’s killing me.” Seijuro said weakly. “But honestly- it’s not as bad as the nausea.” He leaned back over the bag, still gagging weakly between sentences.

Rin had to make a slight turn, he tried to do it as fluidly as he could, but the motion still sent Seijuro reeling.

He heaved over the bag, vomiting several times in a row.

Rin couldn’t help but feel sympathetic, wishing there was more he could do to help.

When they finally found a hotel, Rin checked them in and Gou helped Seijuro lay down in a bed.

“Hey, love?” He whispered.

“What is it dear?” She asked sweetly.

“Can you- just make sure that Momo knows I’m okay?” He requested.

Gou smiled. “Of course.”

sazed apologists: it was totally not cool for claudius to poison the king his brother and i’m not in any way saying that was appropriate but i’m just wondering what could have driven him to it…after all we don’t KNOW that claudius was a bad brother, i bet he looked up to his big bro hamlet when they were kids! what happened? what did hamlet the king do to claudius to make him want to kill him, it’s just interesting to think about..

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Would Edd really be friends with the cul-de-sac kids?

Absolutely not. Though Edd is very polite, I think he ultimately just wants the cul-de-sac kids to leave him and his friends in peace. I seem to remember him showing subtle disdain for the kids in general and I think he’s more than happy with his friendship with Ed and Eddy. (“Pick an Ed” comes to mind.) There’s also the matter of him being eager for Eddy’s brother to hurt them in BPS.

Gonna get a little personal here. Growing up, I never fit in. I could get along with anyone, carry on conversations with them, and I even helped everyone from time to time. But despite all of that, I could never keep friends. People who I thought were my friends would abandon me as soon as someone “better” and less weird came along, or in the case of one girl in school, as soon as they were let into the “in” crowd. So, I learned pretty early on that I didn’t need to be in the “in” crowd and I should only let people on who really had my best interest at heart. And if I couldn’t find those people, then I was better off alone. Same goes for my other two “Eds”, who were also outcasts despite being friendly, smart, and even conventionally attractive. At the end of the day, though, we were still just “those weird kids”.
I like to think that Edd learned this early on as well. He knows who his friends are (even if they hurt him sometimes) and that’s good enough for him.

So like I was rewatching the space mall episode-

-and my weaboo alarm started going off when I saw the space pirate outfits and!! It turns out that each of them has bits that reference different anime and reflect the personality/situation of the paladin wearing them and I’m cryindkfg LOOK

Pidge’s glasses are Kamina’s from Gurren Lagann. Kamina is an older brother character who uh inspires his (pseudo) sibling to travel to space and fight in a giant fucking fighting robot. And after Kamina dies, Kamina’s little brother ends up wearing his glasses (or a version of them, at least).

(*Matt voice* “believe in the me that believes in you, Katie”)

I’m actually willing to bet my entire firstborn child that Keith’s outfit is referencing Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z, who, shit you not, starts out as a rival character from a planet of evil killer furries and then becomes a grumpy ally/friend to the heroes. He’s even crossing his arms just like him I’m so mad

I spent like an hour trying to figure out Hunk but then I realized: spiky shoulder pads, spike on head, apron (later on in ep). He’s Alphonse from Fullmetal Alchemist, aka a big, strong, compassionate kid who likes cute things, food, and hugs, and will kick your entire ass if you try to hurt anybody in front of him. Also Alphonse is a suit of armor, and Hunk’s lion is the most armored, like…

Lance’s little glasses and long coat are just like Vash’s from Trigun. And fucking. Vash is a fucking marksman who acts goofy but gets serious to help others / when in trouble and doesn’t understand the full extent of his abilities. Does any of this. Sound familiar at all.

I couldn’t figure out Coran’s (apparently I’m not that level of weeb yet) but if someone knows who he’s referencing please tell me so I can get mad about that too because I can’t believe I didn’t notice all of these fucking parallels the first time around what the fuck