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Jackson for Never Ever and Q Stages on Music Core: 170325


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Sooo the "honestly too fucking excited for tomorrow!!!" tweet... Did it just mean the performance or all of this...


Mitch Marner - Baby Skates

Anon:ย Write about mitch teaching ur son to skate

A/N: Donโ€™t even get me started on Mitch with babies, okay this is short but literally just Mitch!!!!!! Short and sweet :,)

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Song: Laughter Lines - Bastilleย 

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I’m eating at my friend’s really fancy restaurant right now and this guy at the table behind me us bashing on botw saying the ‘cooking aspect is trash’ and 'nobody even likes the game’. I’m weezing, I’ve got the game with me right now and I’m debating on cooking 5 million meals right in front of him.

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Niall looks like a full grown man these days and I'm not breathing! It's so weird to look at pics from the beginning of last year to now. He looks so much older and my brain can't process adult Niall. MAN Niall. You can't even mistakenly call him a boy like nah that's a man

YES you’re absolutely right there’s been such a chance, like let’s start with the end of 2014

look at him he’s still such a boy, his hair is so wild, his face is so cute boyish still and his clothing style.. not wearing a suit to an event like he would now

and then at the end of 2015 he’s already quite different too, he’s gotten a bit more classy, with the glasses and the suit, he tries to be a bit more grown up, look a bit more adult.. but still he looks like a young boy here in a suit that doesn’t belong to him isn’t it? 

here’s niall in june 2016, he’s already looking a little different, mature. his posture somehow looks broader, his face looks a little bigger, rounder. his hair is not as boybandy-perfect anymore

and in the end of 2016 he looks like this, the blonde is almost gone from his hair, he definitly looks broad, his beard is growing well. he’s starting to look like the grown up niall we know now 

and then, niall in 2017. brunette, beard, broad, shorter hair, no quiff anymore, nice suit, large head, beautiful. such a man, such a husband. this is what we were waiting for isn’t it. niall was always beautiful, the blonde was perfect and it fitted him so well and i do miss it but look at him now.. isn’t this the most beautiful man, isn’t this pure art?????? i love it so much, definitely not a boy anymore !! also last one just bc 

three years apart.. look at how different his chin is?? his nose also looks bigger, his neck looks thicker, he looks so different but still the same as well. AMAZING

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eth gets really bad nightmares sometimes so like during some nights eth sometimes finds himself in tyler's room cause he just needs somebody and tyler is v welcoming and they snuggle on the bed unril eth goes back to sleep but sometimes during the night even with ty, eth gets a bad dream and tyler cuddles him closer and runs his hands through the blue hair while shushing the boy and comforting him till he relaxes -โ˜๏ธโœจ

aww my heart! and maybe lullabies too?

The fact that nct dream jisung listed “popping and locking” as his speciality is something that will probably haunt me till the end of my days. Like baby boy was born in 2002 he is probably like fresh out of elementary school right now talking about popping and locking. He’s like an infant yet when he’s having a good day he probably turns on huey pop lock & drop it and dances to it talking about “letting what his mama gave him show” when one of the other boys ask him what he’s doing. Jisung in 5th grade or something talking about “once u pop lock and drop it baby maybe we can roll” whenever another kid tries to be his friend. Hell jisung probably popped and locked out his mama womb too