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Late at midnight

It’s always late at night when you feel tired or relaxed. It’s always when you least expect it. You think of them. But very hard. You realise you actually love them. You remember their faces and recall all of your conversations. You hear them laugh and see them cry before your eyes. You try to reach and reassure them that everything will be alright, but as you stretch your hand you realise that no one’s there. You look out the window, stare at walls, count the moments passing by. You hear your heart beat and wonder why you’re hurting. Why you’re so happy when you see them. It’s strange. And it’s an awfully strong feeling that won’t go away.
As weeks go by your fondness grows and deepens. You start forgetting their faces, their voice and stop thinking about what you two could be. And then you see something that makes you remember them. Their parfume, their clothes and their walk. And then you finding yourself thinking of them at midnight all over again.


Queen “Rage-Mode” Mera + Arthur “Calming-Charm” Curry

My prompt for @avatarworldweek‘s Summer Prompt Pick was no less thaaaaan… Shopping! Long overdue, though at least I’m still within schedule (I think), here we go. The Gaang + Ozai’s Angels in a shopping trip, Modern AU.

I really just wanted to have everyone in it, which is why I picked a Modern AU. Best way to have them getting along. And of course, the one who’s most excited about this shopping trip is Sokka, who spotted something he really liked inside one of the stores (who knows what caught his eye, though! xD)

It was a big piece, more complex than I expected it to be, but here goes! Hope you all like it!

serotina replied to your photoset “so i have some rather huge news that i’ve been very excited to share…”

This is incredible! And I don’t know who would be mad, it’s your flock and your right to decide what to share. I’m so happy for you an Artemis :)

thank you so much <3 

here’s fluffy little erin with her foot up for you <3