hilty and sjb


I need your help you guys.

I always thought the young adult Broadway-loving community was so cool because everyone’s so passionate and vocal and supportive and guess what I just learned? We’re INVISIBLE.

This month I’ve heard over and over from a few established people in the entertainment industry that BROADWAY IS ONLY A MARKET FOR PEOPLE IN THEIR 50’S AND YOUNG ADULTS DON’T CARE FOR MUSICAL THEATRE.

Cleeeearrrrllllyyyy, this is false. My best friend and I are trying to do something awesome for all of us young lovers of the theatre but I need to prove that this community is alive and well. Please REBLOG (don’t repost as I can’t trace it haha) and have our voices heard!

“And the die is cast,
and the torch is passed,
and the roar wil rise,
from the streets below,
and our ranks will grow and grow and grow and so
the world will feel the fire and finally know!”

I’m 17 years old and I LOVE BROADWAY.