im pretty sure last night i had the most HILLY BILLY night EVER

i started my night in a pub. i drank beer and listened to bad country music blasted from a 4WD ute (truck) while we drove over gravel roads into a farm where we promptly drank more beer and got guns (not me no gun license) and set up a rather dangerous cage on the back of the ute for 3 people to stand on and shoot rabbits and possums from. we also wore norse wear and swandris and moleskins. all the while swearing like truckers about the bad driving (probably from the drinking) and there was a lot of peeing in the bushes. Fucking typical weekend in New Zealand


Thomas Wesley Stern - Hello, hello (by ThomasWesleyStern)

hillbilly love.


yeee haw brooks & dunn buddy


Hilly Billy Roubaix 2015