DAY 3440

Jalsa, Mumbai                  Aug 28/29,  2017               Mon/Tue  1:24 AM

Birthday Ef - Lily D'Penha  ….  August 29    and as you work for charity in near by Romania .. we wish you the very best ever .. love form the Ef     

Feel the ground that you walk on .. not the air that we live on .. nor the artificial breezes of mechanical technologies .. nor the freshness of manufactured essences .. just ..

nature at its best .. 

the earth that brought us to live and bear .. the earth that shall always be the landmark of our existence .. take all away from us, but leave us the warmth of the earth to lie on, to live again, to struggle to get up from, to wipe off the dust and dirt and stand up straight and erect and tall .. 

take every thing away from me but leave me my ground .. give me the opportunity to know what life is .. to warn me of where we are, when we ride waves of fortune, and glide into the skies of success .. make me aware that achievements are not the consumption or possession of the glorious, epic, elite materialism .. but that, which gave us the ability to achieve that ..  

if you shall take away from me my root .. my very root .. I shall die and perish .. never to be able to rise again .. may our roots run deep and beyond destruction .. may they ever be deep inside the earth of this planet, unexplored and non identifiable and may they never be in any state of perish and decay ..

when my roots are secure .. I am of strength to take on the entire world .. as would and should be with each other .. each one .. each one of us ..

indeed ..

ever be the servile and silent work force within .. never be devoured by authority, unless it is of your reckoning .. be myself .. it is divine when we do ..

colours be the basics of the black and the white .. they are true and normal .. light from the earth gives that rainbow of prismatic relevance .. else it would be ever in mono tones of colourless beings .. or the flames of power from the sun would never be warm unless they hit the earth - or so I was tutored - recently .. by bearded hilly billy up in the climes of the cold of mountains .. searching from me the ultimate meaning for ‘dharm’ .. 

do you think any of you would have that answer  ..? what dharm is .. 

my friend claims that it would be impossible to explain it .. and he could be absolutely correct .. !!

life is without colour .. without, much that we attribute to many other .. it is not so .. life is a mystery .. an unsolved mystery .. and I am so happy I am able to say that .. for I believe it really is - a mystery - and may it ever remain so .. I am not in any hurry to learn about it either .. no matter how long we may live .. there shall ever be some that we shall never know .. even after our departure ..

this colour is infectious and grand .. but it had to be made .. with deft creative hands and fingers .. but made .. not created .. made .. made after the creator blessed us with some attributes that gave us expression ..

and may it ever remain so ..

Amitabh Bachchan


It’s official; this video is my new favorite thing! Hilly and Billy make for two very amazing tour guides.

Nobody is online so I’m gonna talk here but like. I cannot get over how much of a backwater hilly billy shit show Nilt must have been for Seivarden like?? Imagine going to the fucking Everglades but it’s frozen and also just snorting a whole bunch of coke on your way back from Miami and you’re just laid up in a fucking crab shack off Alligator Alley and you wake up face down in the parking lot and realize you’re in Palm Beach like the fuck did I get here and then some goddamn CIA agent comes and kills some people while you’re crossfading and drags your ass with her and all the sudden you’re holed up in some shit shack outside of Okeechobee with some yahoo doctor and a goddamn kid and now there is a goddamn GUN but you don’t even give a shit cuz you’ve lost your buzz then you get punched in the face like that’s what Nilt was for Seivarden, for reference.

anonymous asked:

OMFG yesterday I saw Billy and Hilly at a restaurant and they were sitting so close! she was leaning on his shoulder and then they kissed! That was a real french kiss, I believe tongues were involved 😍😍😍 those divorce talks are real bs. They are still hot for each other!! They probably had sex later that evening 😉

wow thanks

I saw some asks about Hilly and Billy and people being annoyed about it. Seriously? Are we now going to stir the pot about this and create more drama?

Hillary literally called Bill Billy in the video at the State Department, it’s a real thing and people think it’s cute I guess. And Hilly goes with Billy, let people have their fun.

I think the fandom should chill a little. Respect other people’s fun and let’s not have more people feel like they should leave or feel weird about doing this or that. If you don’t like something, ignore it.


I’m getting so confused as to whether Finn is actually playing one of the Polk boys or not…
You see him in the first one looking normal and then in the next one when the hilly billy turns the camera on his face, he looks so different??? It’s really bothering me, I’m seriously thinking the guy behind the camera isn’t Finn.
I reckon Finn might be playing someone so much more dark.