hilltop road


Didn’t had the time to test the seasons (will do tomorrow), but it looks good so far.  Decided to add some slope pieces (shown only in use) which are extremely hard to place correctly actually. Need to think how to improve this.

I also wish it could be possible to rise and lower terrain in one step per click (instead of two) using ‘modifyneighborhoodterrain on‘ cheat. But I have a sort of solution to that using smoothing feature.

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richonne prompt: shave (too easy?!)

this is my fave trope ever im so happy you prompted it ty!! i hope you like it!! and like i’m bad at just writing one scene so it’s surrounded by context i suppose. it’s a little bit about maggie and michonne and pregnancy too. it’s here on ao3. it’s set after negan and everyone is alive and happy because that’s how it’s gonna go down don’t fight me on this

Michonne doesn’t often go on runs with Rick. Neither of them like to leave Judith and Carl alone, even though Carl protests and even though there hasn’t been trouble at Alexandria in months. It seems too much like tempting fate. But Daryl is out with a twisted ankle and Carol is making sure he doesn’t pretend like it’s healed too soon and everyone else who might go is gone already, at Hilltop or on the road or close to home but not quite there yet. They don’t wait because Maggie is having phantom contractions and Carol has a list as long as her forearm of things they’ll need for the birth and Denise and Harlan have another and Michonne and Rick are on the road before they really realise what has happened.

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do you think there's a possibility michonne wont open up about andre in 6x09? what do you think rick's reaction is gonna be if she does? do you think rick knows already? my whole richonne hope is like shoved into this moment so I hope it happens.

I get Richonne hopes hinging on 6.09 entirely, anon. 6A has certainly hurtled this ship into a typhoon. A lot of the justification for Rick’s behavior still remains speculation (intelligent and cogent speculation, but still speculation), and Michonne’s character was sidelined for a good portion of the action (although Michonne wasn’t the only main character who suffered from neglect).

6.09 will be pivotal in cementing the groundwork for Richonne going forward, and I think Michonne revealing that she lost her child is integral to any sort of future Rick and Michonne would have together. Especially at this moment, because 6.09-6.11 is really the only time-frame where it would make sense for her and Andre’s story to be told.

I can say: it will happen. Gimple loves his parallels and motifs. Kirkman brought it up again recently. It needs to be on our minds for a reason: because Andre is coming back into the picture.

To me, the question is not whether it’s happening, but only whether it will happen in 6.09 or 6.11. 

4.09 is when we first learn about Andre by way of flashback/dream, so 6.09 would thematically parallel in that regard. Carl’s injury is also ripe for a callback to RIck and Lori’s tearful conversation in 2.03 about whether it would be better if Carl died – to spare him the suffering of their world. Furthermore, Michonne sharing her experience would bring Deanna’s words to the forefront: this pain will be useful to you. That loss that Michonne suffered, Andre’s death, will be a means for Michonne to connect with Rick when he’s losing hope.

If Michonne doesn’t give the Andre reveal in 6.09, I could see it happening in 6.11, perhaps to mirror “Claimed” (4.11). I could see this being similar to the comic scene where Rick breaks down in the back room while on a run, and Andrea comforts him. It could be on the road to Hilltop, Rick just buckles under the pressure of all that has happened, then Michonne tells him then – just like when she told Carl in 4.11 while they were wandering through the house.

I do think, regardless of whether the Andre reveal happens in 6.09 or 6.11, we will get something major happening between Rick and Michonne in 6.09. It fits Gimple’s arcs. It fits the current story-line. It only makes sense. (Of course sense doesn’t belong on TWD so maybe I’m way off base lol)

As for how Rick will react to hearing Michonne had a child? I think he’ll be floored. I’m one of those who thinks Rick doesn’t know at all. He sees Michonne as this infallible goddess warrior. He looks at her as a pinnacle of strength and, quite frankly, perfection. I don’t think it has crossed his mind that Michonne has suffered the loss of a child, because he knows if he lost his children, he would never recover.

Whenever he does find out, I think his first instinct will be to offer belated comfort like a hug or a tender touch. Because he knows what sort of pain that recollection must cause her.

Hope this answers your question, anon.