There is something about the name of Jesus…

His name healed and comforted me when I gave up on myself. It was His name that spoke tender mercies and love into my life when nobody seemed to care. His name brought a warm but soft light in my darkness.

It is still the same name that wakes me every day and motivates me to live for His name’s sake.

Beloved, let’s call upon His name in all our circumstances and see how powerful and loving Jesus is!

Beloved if you aren’t where you are, it just means God is not done with you. You don’t have to chase the right situations and opportunities. All you have to do is to focus on Jesus. 

We don’t have to wait for a breakthrough because Jesus has already broke through. Know our shepherd and understand that we are the sheep.

Let our good shepherd correct and lead us. Let Him work with His sheep–that is you and me!

-Carl Lentz @Hillsong Conference Europe 2014

What a weekend at the Hillsong Conference in NYC at Radio City. I honestly feel so refreshed. So much wisdom from Joel Houston, Robert Fergusson, Christine Cane, and Carl Lentz. Carl Lentz is my new favorite person in the world. I wish Hillsog NYC put their stuff online. Hillsong United played With Everything so my life is complete.

Also currently obsessed with Young and Free.

Manhattan was beautiful as always.

If anyone wants me to send them audio of Christine Cane or Carl Lentz let me know!

Hillsong Conferece -my notes

Glorious Ruins-

Pastor Judah Smith

John 3:16

-God loves the world

-whoever believes in him shall not die but have eternal life

Romans 5:7

-he loves bad people because no one is good

-he’ll love people who’ll never love him back

-we’re the object of his obssession

-when we do something good, just as a dad will say ‘that’s my boy’ God looks at us and says 'that’s my son’

-he’ll always be watching you

Hosea 3:3

-true love is found through God

-we’re already his but he still died for us

-he paid for what was already his

-he’ll find us, he’ll pay the price for us

1 John 4:11

-if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.

—For those who didnt attend the Hillsong Conference, here are my notes, have a quick read and see if i any of these points has touched you –

Pastor Judah Smith