There is something about the name of Jesus…

His name healed and comforted me when I gave up on myself. It was His name that spoke tender mercies and love into my life when nobody seemed to care. His name brought a warm but soft light in my darkness.

It is still the same name that wakes me every day and motivates me to live for His name’s sake.

Beloved, let’s call upon His name in all our circumstances and see how powerful and loving Jesus is!

Beloved if you aren’t where you are, it just means God is not done with you. You don’t have to chase the right situations and opportunities. All you have to do is to focus on Jesus. 

We don’t have to wait for a breakthrough because Jesus has already broke through. Know our shepherd and understand that we are the sheep.

Let our good shepherd correct and lead us. Let Him work with His sheep–that is you and me!

-Carl Lentz @Hillsong Conference Europe 2014

Instead of being disappointed and sulking when things do not go your way, think of it as God giving you a revelation of who He is.

It could be that your dreams and expectations are too small, or that you are too precious for God to let you take things into your own hands.

Whatever it is, His plans are always to prosper you. See the good in your circumstances and never lose hope because He never gives up on you.