We believe that God is enough. But sometimes we trust in our own intellect and ability to reason and rationalize. Realise that Christ is enough! If we enthrone our intellect we dethrone the Spirit of God in our life. Our intellect is a gift, but never let it replace the truth that Christ is enough. Don’t allow for intellectual pride. Christ IS enough!
—  Brian Houston, Hillsong Conference Europe 2013 – #thisisrevival.

Hands down the one of the best sermon from Judah Smith that I’ve ever heard.

He spoke about Hosea and well, I don’t want to give away too much but just check it out. It was at the Hillsong Conference 2013.

Powerful stuff.


Some photos from the Hill$ong conference happening in Sydney right now. Apparently Jesus needs a laser show to get his message across these days.

Yes these are photos of church. This foul organisation has no shame in wasting money providing the perfect hypnotic laser show to accompany their lies and delusions.

There are lasers, people being lowered and raised on wires, massive screens, portable credit card machines for donations, skywriting and so on. No extravagance has been spared.

I don’t know how the people within this organisation call themselves christians without feeling some sense of shame. How they preach the bible while actively going against its teachings, really takes christian hypocrisy to a new level.