hillsdale shopping center



1) Battle of the Bands (sponsored by Sherman Clay, who provided instruments, mikes, and amplification) Upper parking lot, Hillsdale Shopping Center, 1965. The Toads were comprised of Frank Stagnero, Mike Sickly, Gary DeSantis, Gary Allsebrook, and Javier Pacheco;
2) Pacheco Family New Years Eve Party 1968, Palo Alto, with Fritz on stage performing (Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks, Brian Kane, Bob Aguirre, & Javier Pacheco);
3) Fritz performances at Cañada College 1968-69 juxtaposed with the Little Beatles (Rickey Pacheco, Alfredo Del Rio, Nachito Del Rio, and Hugo Barrales) 1962.

1. Chet Atkins, “Slinky”
2. Fritz Rabyne Memorial Band, “You Don’t Get Young Anymore” (Javier Pacheco) Vocal–Lindsey Buckingham
3. Fritz, “Crying Place” (Javier Pacheco) Vocal–Stevie Nicks

Videographer: Marcelino and Javier Pacheco