Engineer Bruce Campbell purchased a retired Boeing 727 and, over the course of many years, transformed it into a fully functional home tucked away on his property in the woods of Hillsboro, Oregon. It took him many years to complete the project, but Campbell’s fantastic houseplane now features electricity throughout, a bathroom, shower and a kitchen.

“Want your own airplane home? “You need to acquire two things: An airliner, and suitable land to host it.” Well, it may not be quite that simple but Campbell has a how-to guide on his webpage to shed light on the process. According to the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA) there will be 500 – 600 aircrafts retired annually over the next two decades. That’s 10,000 – 12,000 potentially new aircraft homes coming on the market. Better start making plans now!”

Visit AirplaneHome.com to learn more about this ambitious project.

Click here for a time-lapse video tour of Bruce Campbell’s awesome airplane home.

[via Colossal]

Missing Person

Alright, tumblr, this is a very serious matter, so I’d really appreciate it if you’d take the time to read this and pass this along.

Her name is Rosie Boswroth.
She is sixteen years old.
She attends Glencoe High School in Hillsboro, Oregon.

She was last seen on Monday, 10:15 PM near her friend’s house on Glencoe Road, just a block away from Glencoe High School. This was in Hillsboro, Oregon. She still has yet to be found, and her friends are very worried about her. Rosie, your friends love you very much and want you to come home. Jeremy is especially worried for you; these are his words exactly: “I want to know what you plan to do to escape from this, is it a place where everything is as it should be, where your music can be heard and I can be by your side playing riffs every night. where family is not blood, but understanding and caring. Where a hangout is filled with monster and good jokes. I hope to show you this escape, come back….we all miss you. I miss you”. Evie is worried about you and is constantly checking her facebook for any updates on your return.

If ANYONE in the area (Hillsboro, Cornelius, Forest Grove, Portland, Beaverton) has any idea or clues as to where she may be, please please contact me via fanmail OR ask box. I currently don’t have a number to contact her family with and this is probably a very shitty excuse of a “Missing Person” post but please, anything will do if it gets us closer to finding her.

Please, please pass this along.

Hillsboro is a desirable suburb of the Portland Metro Area. Like neighboring Beaverton, OR Hillsboro’s roots as a farming community can sometimes still be seen despite the finishing touches of modern living. High tech companies such as Intel have extensive facilities in Hillsboro making Hillsboro Real Estate an ideal choice for those interested in working in technology-related fields.