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Prince of Pick-up Lines

Summary: “If I can, could I request some Stiles fluff, like him and y/n are just chilling on his bed and he’s trying to make her laugh (idk why maybe she failed a test or something its up to you) so he says really cheesy pick up lines but they actually work so y/n’s all flustered and Stiles can’t believe how cute she is? just tons of cute hugs and kisses.”

Words: 747

Pairing: Stiles x Female!Reader

Warnings: none, just plenty of fluffy fluff, maybe a tiny bit of angst at the start

Writer: thatgroupofimagines

Y/n’s eyes filled with dread as the results of her math test was handed around to the students of Beacon Hills High. She had spent hours upon hours in her bedroom with both Lydia and Stiles, going over countless different formulas and calculations. Now the girl hoped that her hard work had paid off. Unfortunately, the result did not go as planned. The teacher walked around the room, handing out papers nonchalantly before he reached Y/n. She gave him a shy smile before realizing he wasn’t smiling.

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