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Warning: Explicit Content

Here’s an hour long mixtape…it’s an end of an era, and a time of serious change. Mostly new stuff from this year, with a couple of select jams from Mondee B. Some Kendrick Lamar, Nas, New Outkast tracks, and some radio tracks. Vibe out to this one…Thanks for your support. Let us know how we can help you in the New Year. Peace and Respect. Party safely. Seriously, we mean that shit…

Enter The Slayer - Myka 9 ft. Busdriver, Abstract Rude
Adair - Mandeep Sethi & Deacon LF
Good Kid - Kendrick Lamar
Chum - Earl Sweatshirt
A Man - Blu & Exile
Where’s The Love? - Nas ft. Cocaine 80s
Books - Bambu ft. Prometheus Brown
Sorry - T.I. ft. Andre 3000
Thom Pettie - Big Boi ft. Little Dragon, Killer Mike
Turn On The Lights - Future
Tryna Get It - E-40 ft. T-Pain, Twista
Extremely Blessed - 2 Chainz ft. The Dream
Bout Me - Wiz Khalifa ft. Problem, IamSu
Between Friends - Flying Lotus ft. Earl Sweatshirt
Are You…Can You…Were You? (Felt) - Shabazz Palaces

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I get very little time alone, so I had to do this quickly… This is me, doing my part, with what I got.

Tiffani Hillin left Amarillo, Texas to sing and play guitar on the sidewalks of New York City. Here she was singing pro-peace songs to passersby on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.