Y’all know about the Sadie Hawkins dances, but how many of you know the origin?

Google the SADIE HAWKINS RACE in “L’il’ Abner” and you’ll know the true hillbilly meaning of it!

Maw Iruma considers their kids are old enough to start’a marryin’ and being that the eligible bachelors and anxious (not much) spinsters (lol)  are all in their cabin or whereabouts, she decides to kickstart a race. And to put some flavour in it, she calls in Paw Gonta too xD One shot of the rifle, and the bachelors run for it. Decent headstart. Then second shot, and off the girls go!

It will be nice to see how it goes - especially because some of them don’t… wanna run it xD


Read right to left.

What are you ne'er do well(good for nothing) doing with that fishing rod?

Ah Pa’ I just was fishing for Hoshi! You know he likes cats, seems he found himself a pet kitten!

A kitten, you said?

Ah, that was to be expected of the little runt! I think insects are cute enough but he sorta likes bigger things!

Uh, Pa’? I wonder what sort of name he’s going to give his kitten?



Her name is PUMA…

And this was funnier in my head.

I was musing about Hillbilly AU today. Tom gets the pud job of taking his cop car out to the boonies to visit the local fauna. The station probably polls together to get them diapers and other baby gear. Tom can also take a tally of how many babies keep popping up and making sure they are safe. 
He even plays with a few of the kids and lets them play with his siren and megaphone. They can play with Ace if they BE NICE to him. He can bite children’s faces off, he will remind them.

The cops probably have a sort of soft spot for them and that’s why they bring out the diapers and not just waiting to call in child services and take vans in to haul away the dweetlets and franklings. 

Probably brings in shoes from a shoe drive for the older kids and shirts donated. Maybe brings in soup for the winter and makes sure they got their hillbilly heater running (and not burning down the house in the process). 

forsakenlullaby-archive  asked:

OH OH oh here's another question for you: do you think theo and charlie would be cousins in hillbilly au plus what would he think of her REGARDLESS OF THAT if it is not the case since she has a pretty good job and is very nice to the horde and their parents thus not as vulgar and rude as usual

I don’t see why not! But probably still distant n’ all that, since I doubt either of Theo’s parents would want to broadcast their relatedness to folks who live out in the swamps.

His opinion of her would probably be higher because she’s not as crass and is in a “respectable job” (Theo views teachers pretty highly, at least compared to how negatively he views everyone in general). Buuut he’d also probably be insufferable anyway because he’d have all these obnoxious airs of superiority around her.