hillary's husband

Imwithher podcast Bill Clinton speaks

Bill Clinton explains that after they come home after a long day on the campaign trail, “If I’ve got something really on my mind, sometimes she says, ‘No, we’re not going to talk about politics. No more politics tonight. Nothing. Let’s talk about our grandkids, let’s talk about something that’s going on in our local community.”

He says she sometimes will simply say, “No. I need a break. Tonight you’re my husband, not my political consultant or my campaigner in chief,” he adds.

Best advice he’s gotten: “It was in a conversation with Nelson Mandela. I talked to him about how he overcame his bitterness and hatred and resentment, and he said, ‘You know what? People can take a lot from you. They can take everything except your mind and your heart. Those things, you have to give away. I decided not to give them away, and neither should you.’ ”

Her husband is horrible, but I always (sorta) liked Melania Trump for that one amazing quote she gave in an interview.

*Interviewer* “Be honest: Would you have married Trump if he wasn’t rich?”

*Melania* “Would he have married me if I wasn’t beautiful?”

That is a great comeback line on people who are snobby about trophy wives and “golddiggers” in general.

In certain marriages, eh, neither person is getting into it for exactly honorable reasons. Personal choices, man.