hillary younger

Hurricane winds rolling through deserted dunes;

I stopped to remember holding hands by the garden lake

When Saturday nights was our favorite tune,

The days filled with love and laughter,

Long before the horizon brought rancor and ache

Unexpected owls crashing into windows in the Lowcountry darkness,

Harvest dances in the cabin house on an October night,

Holding each other tighter and tighter, til you were breathless

Love and pain, the joy and fear shining on your face in the autumn moonlight

On that old ragged wooden porch waiting for a chance to be alone,

Searching for undiscovered pleasures,

Too soon all to be memories, bled dry and gone,

Resented remorse, furtive dreams, and broken treasures

Hurricane winds rolling through deserted dunes

Amid the distant sounds of dying love

Rolloroberson 2020 Copyright