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The American right-wing is a political faction that lacks so much fundamental self-awareness. These are people who get off on writing about killing nazis, yet they have no understanding of how small of a stone’s throw their ideology is from fascism, especially recently with the rise of Trump and the “Blue Lives Matter” reactionary backlash to BLM. When you base your political ideas around xenophobic nationalism, rampant misogyny and racism, a strengthened police state, and a pseudo-populism that actually vests more power into the hands of elites and bigots….well, you’re looking at a veritable example of proto-fascism, the seeds of a fascist revival that will wave the American flag (probably with the blue line) without the faintest hint of self-awareness.

The series of events that have taken place over the past few days will set us down a road, I predict, of increased political polarization. The left-wing may get larger, to be sure, but the right-wing will get fiercer and more dangerous. Centrist liberalism and the hollow neoliberalism of electoral politics will be exposed for what they are: a ruse designed to conceal systemic violence against the oppressed with pretty slogans and empty promises for hope and change. The stunted form of democracy that we now practice in the voting booth will be recognized as a defanged substitute for genuine political power and participation. People will begin to realize that there is essentially no real difference between the Republicans and the Democrats – our vote for one or the other is merely a call for the ruling elite to explain their already-established decisions with a particular form of rhetoric, be it patriotic nationalism or pseudo-progressivism.

All of this will strengthen the organization of both the left and the right; the former finally rid of the burdensome and concessionary nature of liberalism, free to use its power to push for ACTUAL democracy (i.e. economic democracy/socialism/anarchism/parecon/horizontal society/stable state eco economy/zeitgeist movement/whatever else), and the latter unmasked, revealed as the violent, tyrannical beast that was concealed just below the surface throughout the past century of capitalism.

The reason I mention all of those disparate left-leaning movements, however leftist they each individually are, is because any chance at a truly democratic post-capitalist society is going to depend on disparate groups coming together with a cohesive narrative, ideology, and set of tactics. Oppose the strands that seek reformism as the end goal, and be super wary of idea defanging, but overall this will be a necessary fight and it will require a unified left. Much of the right-wing recognizes their unifying purpose as one of maintaining the established order (or reasserting a more extreme form of the established order), from “small government” libertarians to neoconservatives, from corporatists to fascists – they all understand that, when their dominant position is threatened, they must come together and get violent, either through structural violence or overt violence. The left, as much as possible without conceding its anti-capitalist purpose, should also seek to unify branches under a common banner of disrupting the status quo and replacing it with a more democratic alternative.

Reforming the system is not a solution – we need a system that actually works for people by default, not just when it’s convenient for or innocuous to the property-owning class. Establishment liberal politicians will not take us there – they are the snakes in the grass that will pretend to be on the side of justice, feigning concern until their vested interests in the capitalist order become threatened. Only grassroots movements and direct action can overcome this beast – a unified coalition of left-wing ideas and movements that recognize and elevate their core commonality as one of opposing capitalism and white-supremacist patriarchal imperialism.

The public’s inability to grasp the pathology of our oligarchic corporate elite makes it difficult to organize effective resistance. Compliant politicians, entertainers, and our vapid, corporate-funded popular culture and news media hold up the elites as leaders to emulate. We are repeatedly assured that through diligence and hard work we can join them. We are taught to equate wealth with success. This narrative keeps us from seeing the truth.
—  Chris Hedges, Wages of Rebellion The Moral Imperative of Revolt 

I supported Bernie more passionately than anything i’ve ever supported in this country. I voted for him, wore his merchandise, his bumper sticker still sits proudly on my car, but I will not be writing him in next week.

Immediately after his loss I looked for hope in the green party, joined jill steins meme dank stash, did research on her policies and though I was skeptic about a few things I had hope. But as time went on just like the rest of the candidates she too proved to be just not enough. Her failure to run an effective campaign and her anti-science pandering was too much for me and I found myself staring dreadfully at our only two real choices.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

God knows I do not want to vote for either of these two vile, corrupted, insane individuals. One is a clown and the other a robot, both interested in their own agendas and not the well being of the people they wish to lead. I’m tired of the news, i’m tired of the drama, I’m tired of cringe worthy arguments on facebook. So I went back to the last thing I believed in, and listened to Bernie. He believed in us, and so I am choosing to believe in him. He had an idea for the future and an idea for what it meant to be free and be great, and i know he hasn’t given up on those ideas, so I will listen to him and vote for Hillary because a protest vote won’t help anyone, or anything, a protest vote won’t help him or the ideologies that I stand for. And voting for Trump would be voting for everything he fought for, so I will vote for Hillary. Not because I’m a shill, or a hillbot, because God I despise that human being. But because the alternative is the exact opposite of what I stand for, so I have to make a sacrifice and vote for the lesser evil because my future and the future of my daughter depends on it.


Corporate Media Has Complete Collapse Over Hillary [x]

[Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp]

June 10, 2016:

“The corporate media keeps telling us to now celebrate this grand moment in history. Okay. First, I only need to celebrate if the candidate is a good person, who stands for… Oh. I don’t know… anything! Hey! Here’s the first female corporate election fraud Presidential nominee! Brought to you by the good people of Goldman Sachs and Monsanto! Ah, well. Break out the champagne!

 Secondly, she’s not the first woman to be a Presidential nominee. Jill Stein was the nominee, for the Green Party, just last election cycle and there are many others! So yeah, “Anybody who isn’t celebrating Hillary is a misogynist.” Meanwhile, you’re bulldozing over history, to knock other women out of the way. 

Sorry ladies, you weren’t on a corporatist party platform, so you don’t count! Out of the way, Victoria Woodhull, who was a presidential nominee in 1872. You mean nothing, in your sepia photos. You’re no Hillary!” - Lee Camp @redactedtonight 

Trying to scare or guilt me into voting for Hillary is not a reason to vote for Hillary. 

I am not motivated by fear. 

Anyone who uses fear to get you to vote for them is not worth voting for. 

I am motivated to vote for Jill Stein because our current political system is beholden to capitalism, racism, and imperialism and the elite few in power need to know that the people will not let them continue to abuse our rights and our lives, while trying to appease us with, “at least we’re not Trump.”

Saying you’re better than Trump isn’t saying much at all. 

We shouldn’t be setting the bar at “she’s better than Trump.” 

We should be fighting for what we actually want, which, for me, is fundamental, institutional change. That’s a long fight, but if we want a truly better and sustainable standard of living for everyone, we have to have this fight. 

Revolution is not convenient. Revolution is not easy. The people and systems in power, upholding the status quo, will use all the tools at their disposal to make us believe that what we want is too much; that what we’re asking for is impossible. But it’s not impossible. It just requires a break from the status quo. And that is something the status quo cannot abide. So they try to blame us for wanting what we want. They say we are the problem. They say we are destroying the balance. But the actual problem is the system itself. Not those who speak against it. 

So I will not let you scare me or guilt me into voting for someone who will not change that system. 

I’m not voting for Trump and I’m not voting for Hillary. 

I’m voting for Jill Stein because she represents systemic change to the capitalist, racist, imperialist status quo. 

The voters and non-voters represented above in shades of red are all of the allegedly deplorable people who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016.  The following message is for the people continue to smear, belittle, and denigrate all of those non-Clinton voters.

When you come to those non-Clinton voters in 2018 and 2020 asking for their votes after constantly calling them racists, sexists, and xenophobes or enablers of the same for more than a year, expect neither warm responses nor votes.

Friendly reminder: you cannot form a winning coalition by courting 28.7% of the public and demonizing everyone else.