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What Do You Get for Pretending the Danger’s Not Real? / Kai Anderson

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A/N: Based off this request from anon: “Kai making the reader do the pinky thing and tell him about their dirtiest, most fucked up sexual fantasy? Then him making that a reality when they least expect it?”

My first request :’) Might come out with a part 2 to this if you guys want that. As always, please let me know what you think!

I’d also like to say that man-bun Kai does things to me that I’d never expect a man bun guy to be capable of.

Warnings: Smut, BDSM themes, mention of mental illness, strong language… Basically what you’d expect from Kai.

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Communism went from burly working class factory men running around with thick coats and Mosins to 120 lb college students with bandanas waving ussr flags at Hillary Clinton rallies

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Usually with publi posts/ads the place that paid for promotion send exactly what the artist has to put on their caption. That's why the caption looks weird. It's glaring that the only time Darren posted pictures/videos with her it was for publi. (With the exception of that Halloween costume).

Someone on one of my private blogs just pointed this fact out.  He’s posted her 8 times on his IG. Six were promotion (last night, Bali trip, Christmas sweaters, milkshake, bottle rock, and when he spoke at the Hillary rally).  

The other two were Halloween (first one to establish their relationship) and one with her friends when he called himself a pimp.  

391 posts

8 with M

6/8 promo. 

Relationship goals indeed.  

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Sorry but I missed this about the nyt reporter covering Hillary's Florida rally...Details pls!! 😊

okay I managed to find the articles again and they link back to the original piece, but basically he was just getting very uhh…into describing the moment..




Marc Lamont Hill is cut off by CNN right after he expresses support for Jill Stein. Have mixed opinions on Jill Stein if you want, but this shit is super suspicious. This happens often enough on CNN, whenever anti-Clinton sentiment comes up. Remember the time reporter Brianna Keilar talked about the prison industrial complex Clinton had a hand in and was promptly cut off? This relates back to the Drake meme I made last night – much of media, particularly CNN and MSNBC, has a slant towards the liberal wing of the ruling class (as opposed to Fox News’ conservative wing slant). Liberalism is used to absorb and hollow-out genuine left-wing sentiment against the powers that be, and in general the liberal elite would have you believe that they’re the farthest left you can reasonably be on a political spectrum. Both conservatism and liberalism serve their function to capitalism – never underestimate that fact.