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Make no mistake, third party voters helped elect Donald Trump

In almost every swing state where the race was close, both Gary Johnson and Jill Stein’s share of the vote would have been enough to sway the election to Hillary Clinton.

  • In Florida, nearly 204,000 people voted for Johnson, and more than 63,000 voted for Stein. Even if Clinton won just half of those 267,000 voters, that would have been enough for her to overtake Trump’s 132,000-vote win.
  • In Michigan, Johnson garnered more than 139,000 votes, while Stein got more than 41,000. Stein’s votes alone would’ve been enough for Clinton to overtake Trump in the Wolverine State. 
  • In Wisconsin, nearly 95,000 voters picked Johnson and 27,000 picked Stein. Clinton was losing the state by around 88,000 votes as of press time.

If Clinton had won even one of those states, Trump would not have had a path to victory. And saying Johnson only took away votes from Trump doesn’t seem to hold up.

dear third party voters,

i hope you find the words to explain to your poc, lgbtq+ & women friends that you took away their rights and safety for the sake of being alternative and edgy. the minute you voted for anyone else other than hillary clinton, you gave your vote away to bigotry and hate. try pulling your head out of your ass before you go to the polls next time. you and your privilege can fuck right off.

People that argue “vote third part for your conscience” actually tell us a lot about their morals, because Johnson and Stein are both just as horrible people, it’s just that they don’t have the political or business power that Hillary and Donald have had for decades. Johnsons ideas would literally neuter the working class economically, possibly permanently. Jill is a raging bigot, she just hates people that rads and greens are okay with hating, like trans people or the mentally ill.

You’re not morally superior. In fact, you’re worse. Not only are you being a douche, but thanks to the spoiler effect, you might just fuck us all over with making Trump win.

“Well they should have picked better candidate. It’s not my fault if trump wins!!!!!!1!2!111”

Shut up. Shut. The fuck. Up.

That is some of the most entitled, irresponsible bullshit I’ve ever heard. You’re the damn voter! Your an autonomous person ffs! You know the spoiler effect is a thing that happens, you know trump might actually win, and yet you choose to put us all at risk. Fuck. You.

if you are eligible to vote in the presidential election and are purposefully not voting, if you are voting for trump, gary johnson, jill stein, or whoever else that is not hillary clinton, i would like to take this moment to extend a big wholehearted fuck you.

if you are not voting for hillary, you are putting people in real, serious danger.

i dont know how many times we have to say it for people to understand. a third party candidate will. not. win. a vote for third party is a vote for trump. but i just cant bring myself to vote for either trump or hillary, theyre both horrible, you say. it goes against my morals to vote for one of them, you say.

will you still give a shit about how you stuck to your morals when millions of family are ripped apart and children taken away because trump deported their parents?

will you still give a shit about how you stuck to your morals when lgbtq+ people are getting fired, denied jobs, sent to conversion therapy, getting disowned, harassed, abused, murdered?

will you still give a shit about how you stuck to your morals when hate crimes against racial minorities skyrocket? or when refugees fleeing their war ridden country are denied access to ours because they are muslim?

when women are dying in labor because they are forced to deliver their already dead fetus. when women who cant support or dont want a baby are putting themselves at risk to get an abortion because now its illegal?

when people living in poverty have to decide between eating and paying their utilities bill all while the wealthiest people in the country are getting tax cuts?

open your eyes to what is at stake. honestly who gives a shit if hillary used a private email server? the fbi investigation found nothing. twice! what more do you want? 

its not like she bragged about being able to sexually assault women, or scammed students with a fake university, or went to court for rape, or degraded and mocked a disabled reporter, among countless other horrific things.

that would be bad.

and to all the people who are writing in bernie: fuck you too. bernie wants you to vote for hillary. bernie is not registered for a write in. IF YOU WRITE IN BERNIE SANDERS YOUR VOTE WILL NOT COUNT.

take a moment to ask yourself why you hate hillary so much. is it because you think shes a criminal? if so, you need to do some research. what crime has she committed?

if you do not vote for hillary in this election and trump wins, you are partly at fault for the things that follow. you had the chance to stop him but you chose not to. you are responsible

George W. Bush (2001 - 2009) collapsed in 2002 while watching football.

George H.W. Bush (1989 - 1993) vomited and collapsed on the Japanese Prime Minister in 1992.

Ronald Reagan (1981 - 1989) probably suffered effects of early dementia late in his presidency.

Jimmy Carter (1977 - 1981) collapsed while running a marathon.

LBJ (1963 - 1969) had a near-fatal heart attack in 1955.

JFK (1961 - 1963) took a dozen different kinds of medication for a number of problems, including Addison’s disease.

Dwight Eisenhower (1953 - 1961) had a heart attack in 1955, surgery for Crohn’s disease in 1956, and a stroke in 1957.

But let’s talk about how Secretary Clinton can’t be President becausd she overworked herself while suffering from a mild case of pneumonia.

I think the fact that the Canadian Immigration page crashed after the results were released really says alot about how many good Americans there really are out there and how terrified they really are