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Part of Jamaica’s appeal is the local appreciation for the country’s natural beauty and cultural nuances. There’s no hard sell, no tourist billboards telling you how lucky you are to be in Kingston. You know you’re lucky as soon as you taste your first breakfast of ackee and saltfish or watch a World Cup-qualifying football game on a tiny TV inside an Island Grill restaurant.
—  Hillary Crosley

Me, talking feminism leading up for the Parlour Magazine sponsored Women of Power conference held in March, 2012.

As a VIBE columnist, I handle the “Lose Some, Win Some” section each month. Here’s Kim Wayans of the 2011 indie film darling Pariah and of course, “In Living Color”:

When I was coming up, I’d watch Lucille Ball and Audrey Hepburn and dream about those complicated, funny, romantic roles. In Living Color and In the House ended, and every script I got was the same sassy Black mama with no life asking her white costars what their boyfriends kissed like. I don’t want to look back and be embarrassed by my work.


A Parlour chat with Estelle about her third album All of Me and reconnecting with her absent father.

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I’ve been lucky enough to host Pepsi’s national sponsored coverage of Fox’s “X-Factor” auditions. Here are some of the crazy fun people I met in Los Angeles!