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American Cheese Society 2016: Best Of Show

We have our top winners! The American Cheese Society 2016 competition winners were announced last night in Des Moines, Iowa, and here are the results! The big winner, for Best Of Show, was Little Mountain, from the Roelli Cheese Company.  Chris Roelli has been a long time fixture and award-winning maker on the Wisconsin cheese scene (as well as being an official “Master Cheesemaker” in that state), and this win is well deserved (you can see my post from four years ago, about his Red Rock cheese, here).   

Bleating Heart, who did well at the 2015 ACS competition, stepped it up by entering the Best Of Show 2nd Place ranks, as did The Farm at Doe Run, makers of longtime Cheese Notes favorite Hummingbird. 

3rd Place was also a tie, with the Caves of Faribault getting the red ribbon for their Jeffs’ Select Gouda, and Murrays Cheese and Jasper Hill Farm winning for their collaboration cheese, Greensward. 

Speaking of that last one, there are more and cheeses showing up at the ACS competition that are made at one location and aged elsewhere, a clear sign of the maturation and expansion of Affinage in America. The Greensward starts it’s life as a Harbison, made at Jasper Hill, which is shipped to the Murray’s Caves when green, where the ace team at Murray’s take over, washing and caring for the wheels to produce the funky final product. You can read more about the Greensward in my piece about booze-washed cheeses for Edible Manhattan. 

1st Place Best of Show 
Little Mountain, Roelli Cheese Company Inc, WI 

2nd Place Best of Show (tie)
Buff Blue, Bleating Heart Cheese, CA
St. Malachi Reserve, The Farm at Doe Run, PA 

3rd Place Best of Show (tie)
Jeffs’ Select Gouda, Caves of Faribault, MN  
Greensward, Murray’s Cheese & Jasper Hill Farm

If you want to see all of the winners, across all categories (be warned, it’s a big list!) you can see the complete list of winners here (PDF): 

(Photos courtesy of (from top): American Cheese Society, Bleating Heart Cheese, The Farm at Doe Run Dairy, Caves of Faribault, Murrays Cheese)

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Treadmill Workout: Interval/Incline Run

It was rainy and dreary last night with a chance of lightening so I skipped my TNT group run in the park and instead headed to the gym. When I got there I realized I forgot my sports bra but luckily the Equinox shop had a Lululemon one I’ve had my eye on, the Free to Be Bra. I’ve been holding back since I don’t really need another sports bra, but now I had no choice, I had to buy it. It’s so cute and actually supportive enough for my run (even though I’d probably wear it for yoga in the future).

So cute, right? But oh yea, that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I’m here to tell you about my run!

I went for a 5-miler on the treadmill and because I was skipping a hill-focused practice I made sure to include an incline. My routine included quarter of a mile (.25 on the treadmill) pickups, switching off between increased incline & increased speed. In 5 miles I was able to do 8 intervals. Below I’ve written out a routine for you to try, including 6 intervals over a 5-mile run. Feel free to cut down the recovery time in between the intervals if you either want to include more intervals or make it a shorter run overall (unless otherwise noted, incline is set to 0)

Here’s the routine:

  • 0-1 Mile: Warm Up (Speed 6.6)
  • 1-1.25 Mile: Speed Interval 1 (Speed 7.6)
  • 1.25-1.5 Mile: Recover (Speed 6.6)
  • 1.5-1.75 Mile: Hill Interval 1 (Speed 6.6, Incline 3%)
  • 1.75-2 Mile: Recover (Speed 6.6)
  • 2-2.25 Mile: Speed Interval 2 (Speed 7.8)
  • 2.25-2.5 Mile: Recover (Speed 6.6)
  • 2.5-2.75 Mile: Hill Interval 2 (Speed 6.6, Incline 4%)
  • 2.75-3 Mile: Recover (Speed 6.6)
  • 3-3.25 Mile: Speed Interval 3 (Speed 8.0)
  • 3.25-3.5 Mile: Recover (Speed 6.6)
  • 3.5-3.75 Mile: Hill Interval 3 (Speed 6.6, Incline 5%)
  • 3.75-5 Mile: Recover & Cool Down (Speed 6.6)

Arbitrary Card of the Day 7-22-16: Battle Mastery

Today’s Arbitrary Card of the Day is Battle Mastery. “Even the hills ran for the hills!” has to be one of the best storytelling phrases in a piece of flavor text. It’s vague and metaphoric, the kind of thing a grandpa would say when telling a tall tale to his grandchildren. And really, that’s what Lorwyn is supposed to feel like.

Quick mid-week hill run

2.48 miles - 24:51, avg pace 10.00

Route: Up some darn big hills and back down again 

Listening to: Maccabees - Given to the Wild    


Straight off the bike, I went out.  New trainers, new kit, feeling pumped.  I love running up hills, I don’t know why.  I love the challenge, I think.  As soon as you get to the top, the standard running that sometimes pains you beyond belief seems so easy, and then there’s the back down… weeeeeeeeeeee.  I ran up and beyond the roof tops, I got so high I was looking down on the O2 - illuminated by the night lights, against the velvet sky.

God-dang I love running.

Workout and my weightloss counter...

So, I went out for an hour to workout with my friend Kate from netball. We did some jogging, 40 sit ups, tricep dips and press-ups, all on the way round the park - then we did three hill runs which were EVIL!

We ran up and down this path and did 5 press-ups off each bench on the way - if jogging is just too easy for you, I advise you to do this - I have no upper body strength at all!

Then we ran up this hill three times. View from the top:

View from the bottom:

This hurt. Burning at the tops of my thighs and in my lungs. We walked back down each time and then jogged up again. The top was deceptively steep so just when you thought you were almost done, it really, really hurt to finish! We have said we’ll try and jog down next time rather than walk, and then increase the amount of times we jog up slowly.

Here’s me at the end of it all - defeated!

Anyway….that’s done. Now, does anyone remember this? It’s taken me some time, and it’s not nearly as pretty but….ta daaaaaa!

Here is 100 ceramic balls to symbolise 100lb:

And currently I have lost 17.5lb - so here is 17 ceramic balls vs. 83 ceramic balls:

At the rate I’m going, the balls won’t have swapped sides for another couple of years (urgh) and in actual fact, I’d like to lose about 125lb in total - but I’d settle for 100lb! I will swap a ball over every time I have lost an extra full pound. Keep your fingers crossed for me…hopefully some day soon I’ll break through the plateau I seem to have got myself into! :(

Saturday morning workout

I woke up before 7am this morning - hate my body clock! But at least it meant I could go out early for a run! Which was good.

Before I went, I took a picture to show my current hated problem area. I’ve circled it REALLY badly in photoshop - here you go!

The circumference around my hips/belly - it’s BIG and it sticks out. It’s what I need to lose to fit my new skirt (it’s really cute) - which fits my waist comfortably but is really tight HERE.

Ok, obviously I dislike my thighs, calves and arms too - but losing the bulk of this will be what actually, finally, takes me down a dress size. I think I’m the only person who loses 20lb and stays the same clothes size!

So I went out for my run and was planning on doing 3 laps of the green, but near the end of the 2nd lap I saw up ahead 2 people doing paper rounds, and one woman walking the dog - briskly. Now, I know this may seem stupid, but I just wasn’t feeling confident enough to run by them, so I took off in another direction. This direction had hills, including these ones. And another, that was less brutal.

It hurt - and was not helped by the fact I’ve woken up every morning recently feeling as though I have a cold - so was slightly wheezy with a runny nose, which was irritating to say the least - but I enjoyed it actually.

Got home and looked up the route in total - 3.2 miles in about 38 minutes. I’m not going to break any records, but as that involved a lot of walking down hill, and jogging up hill, I am happy with that. And it’s building me up to 45 minutes of jog/walk/jogging which I want to be able to do, which is bringing me closer to staying out for an hour. I still can’t run non-stop for any decent period of time, but I can live with that for now, I’ve only been training for aorund 4 weeks.

Worst bit about sweating lots when you run - when it goes into your eyes! Owww!

But then I had the breakfast of champions (you’ll find I say this about any breakfast I enjoy, so the term varies) - tea and omlette with pancetta, onion, pepper and mushrooms!

Nicely satisfied…chicken and sweet chilli sauce salad for lunch! :-) Pressups and situps planned for this evening.

Happy Saturday everyone!


Omg that’s a great idea (personally I find that ending to be my favourite out of the SH4 endings. What does that say about me, oops)

Them all hanging out in Frank’s flat, making things float when they’re bored, making sure his meds are in the right place, keeping an eye on things.

Jasper is there and he makes sure all stoves are off when they leave for work, that the gas lines aren’t leaking, that no one falls asleep with a lit cigarette.

Richard can’t keep the power from going out all the time, but when it does he does what he can to keep the most important functions going. Medical equipment (not everyone in the apartment is young after all), emergency lights, and, he would insist that he still hates kids, but there is never a burnt out nightlight in the complex.

Cynthia takes care of people. She cuts phone conversations from abusive husbands and boyfriends and mothers and girlfriends, makes sure calls don’t connect when someone is sick and work is calling. There are never a lack of pads in bathrooms, and cramps never seem to hurt so bad. There is never a shortage of midol.

Eileen makes sure that the children never see a shadow that scares them, makes sure that babies have blankets and that the temperature is always just right. Keys are never lost, and lipstick is always the right shade.

Henry waits by the stairs, and no one falls up or down them. Photos never look blurry, red eye is never an issue. Family meet ups aren’t as tense with him around, and teenagers never have issues falling asleep at night. He’s no help with math homework though

No one likes Andrew