hill intervals

Running Tip #1:

When training for a race, or for general fitness, training in three week cycles can be extremely beneficial.

 I-I-P: Introduce. Improve. Perfect. 

During the first week, introduce a new speed workout (such as a tempo-run, intervals, or hill repeats) Without over exerting yourself, start off small. Slightly slower than goal pace, slightly shorter in duration. The goal of this run is to get your legs and body accustomed to the new added stress of the speed to come.

During the next week, improve from your previous workout. Say you went out for a tempo-run with 3 miles at 7:00 pace during your introduction phase, this week build upon the prior week by going 4 miles at 6:50 pace.

During the third and final week of the training cycle, perfect that given workout. Continuing on with the example of a tempo-run training cycle, perfect the workout by going 5 miles at a goal pace of 6:45. 

After the three week cycle, you can continue on to another cycle of training, such as interval training, fartleks, or hill training. Mixed in with long runs, recovery runs, and easy paced runs, you will be well on your way to setting new PRs. 

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These are professional photos taken from the 10 mile race I did on Friday, the 29th. I am not the weight I was 2 years ago. And despite feeling nostalgic sometimes for being thinner, I understand now that power is more important. Strength is more important. Being able to conquer miles upon miles and hills and track intervals are far more important than saying “no” to more pasta, more fuel, more calories for energy to get to where I want to be.

Looks like one killer hill!

If you want a tough, challenging interval workout…try hill intervals! Outside or on the treadmill. Start slow and work your way up, both in speed, and quantity. Find a hill that you can run up in 30-60 seconds, and start with 3-5 reps, and work up from there. Don’t worry about speed to start, but focus on maintaining good form. I always like to think that a rope is attached to my waist that is pulling me up…or for really steep hills I just repeat in my mind that I’m running on flat ground (kinda works??)

If you decide to do it on the treadmill, depending on your level, set the incline anywhere from 6-10%, and do a 1 min run at a comfortable running pace (not sprinting all out). Again, start with 3-5 reps with 1-2 min rest in between, and work your way up.

I love doing hills for interval training…challenging and satisfying!

The Back Gate -- Hill Intervals

As a runner, there are things to love about living on a 400 acre boarding school campus.

To wit: rolling out at 6:30 am to find the football stadium ablaze; the cross country team ripping around the track burning up some fast laps. It inspires even the middle aged runner to push a little harder.

And that means The Back Gate. A road runs from the track to the back gate on the school property. It winds past the tennis courts, then through a classic miniature of Hill Country landscape – mountain cedar, oak, prickly pear. It’s almost exactly half a mile. And it’s all uphill. Very steep at first, then leveling slightly to a moderate grade. Almost flat at the gate.

Awesome for long hill intervals. I managed four this morning, with decently aggressive pace, inspired from time to time, when kids on the team popped out of the trails that emerge here and there on the road.

I loved hearing the coach shout encouragement along with split times. I felt part of the action. It reminded me that when the work travel levels off a bit, I’d love to volunteer. I’ve done a tiny bit in the past. Pacing (mostly the beginners), joining for long easy runs.

It really is a joy watching those kids.

Cardio Blast-Hill Intervals!!

Woo did they kick my butt- in a good way!

5 minute walk as a warm up

25 minutes of hill sprints– You know, it’s amazing. When I try to simply run a mile, I feel like I’m dying. Granted, I’m only running at a 5.7 speed during my intervals, but I still managed to run over 2.5 miles straight. I think I will continue doing hill intervals for awhile, then try to ease into running straight miles at a higher speed!

3 minutes of walking

3 sets of: 1 minute plank on medicine ball, oblique twists

LOTS of jumping rope

1 regular plank for 1.5 minutes

I’m trying to build up my time for my planks since I really want to increase my core strength. My longest plank has been almost 4 minutes- during a plank challenge for small group training–but my body HATED me for it. I was shaking by the time I hit 2 minutes and my abs, forearms, shoulders, etc, were killing me afterwards.

*workin on up!!*