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A Brief History of Elsewhere

The Elsewhere is a deep place. It is beyond the grasp of human cognition, untouched by the cloying grasp of natural law, and indifferent to the rules of physics. Deep in the Elsewhere, the Courts play their games of Summer and Winter. They play their games with humans too. Dancing with those living too close to the soft spots of the world.

 Fae enjoy these games. The logic of pandemonium and disorder of the Elsewhere gets tedious for beings as eternal as the Good Neighbours, and so they surface from the shallows to crawl about the material world.

 They compel their flotsam, volatile particles into more constrained shapes. Taking inspiration from the dreams and nightmares of humans, they become named things, able to gleefully tread through a world bound by rules: kelpies, kitsune, banshees, huldra, púca, and nissies. 

 The Fair Folk emerged in Elsewhere University: a place of study for half-grown human spawn, a place built by a decedent of the old Éire homeland in the late 1800’s, and a place that became a home for the Hill thirty-three years later. The Founder of the University died before the Courts made it into their kingdom, but he gave it a special name. This name was lost, traded, or stolen (no one alive can recall) when the Gentry came calling, and the then Dean made deals that day to ensure a balance at the newly named Elsewhere University. They soon adapted to the sports fields, to hallways, to dorms, adopting the Campus as their home. They kept to themselves mostly, during this time. Almost all the students remaining Unaware.

 In 1953, the tentative tranquility of the University was broken. From their stronghold beneath the Grand English Building, the Fae were ousted by the Wyrm. They learnt fear that year, and fled. Fear of flame and storm and venom drove them from the western corner of Elsewhere University, out of their shadows and into the light.

 Smaller Courts were constructed in the aftermath. Summer and Winter became defined, and the Gentry walked alongside the students of Elsewhere University. Striking deals, taking what they liked, playing their games. The students learnt quickly. Through instinct, through dumb luck, and from the folklore of old Éire, they learnt.

 Although still bound by the Treaty, the Fae still enjoyed dancing with the students of EU. Changelings traded, and students Taken. Friendship and respect was grown, alongside hatred and fear on both sides. The balance of power, once thought by the Fae to be in their favour, was violently shifted in the 1980’s when they went too far and took the wrong professor. With Flaming Iron and Colloidal Silver, the Fae were reminded why the Earth belonged to the humans.

 In the recent years, a guidebook of sorts was created to help students co-exist with the Good Neighbours. Considered the most dangerous form of contraband, it was only distributed online to avoid the attention of the Fae. It was given the title; Coexisting With The Fair Folk Who Have Taken Up Residence In/Around/Beneath Your University: A How-To Guide. While disguised as a comic, an artistic expression that wouldn’t be taken too seriously outside of the Involved, it has been invaluable for those studying at Elsewhere University.

However, the Courts have noticed. They do not appreciate the Artist’s work, and while they are unable to remove the Guide, they can remove the Artist.  

Note: This is a brief history of Elsewhere University, as taken from the numerous posts and stories based around the work of charminglyantiquated. These were the main canon events that I could find and squash together to make a vague timeline of EU, but I’m sure I missed a few, so by all means let me know so I can update. 

Some of the more noticeable aforementioned events were originally prompted by dragon-saint, bookscrazygirl-blog, and of course, charminglyantiquated (sorry for turning the Fair Folk against you).  


Outside of Yarnell, Arizona, in the scenic Bradshaw Mountains, is the Shrine of St. Joseph. These eerie and haunting statues occupy nooks and crannies in the granite boulders, under a canopy of juniper and oak trees. Carved in the 1940s by folk artist Felix Lucero, the shrine features scenes from the life of Jesus Christ, including the crucifixion, the Garden of Gethsemane, and the empty tomb. 

The area around the shrine was destroyed by a wildfire in 2013, the same fire that killed 19 firefighters. This was the deadliest event for American firefighters since 9/11. 

The statues were undamaged. 


Mississippi Fred McDowell - John Henry


Untitled by Arianna Rubini


The Misty Malverns.

The first big hike of the year saw us greeted by amazing atmospheric conditions as the fog ebbed and flowed over the hills and cliffs, teasing every once in a while at what lay out ahead of us.

4 Exits (to your apartment)

this is a late bday present for @shipped-goldstandard (sorry this is late and off topic but ilysm) 

1.5k BittyParse, Bitty meeting Kent’s family (Kent’s a white passing Mexican trans man as usual ty for your time) 

Also on AO3

Bitty sleeps on the train to New York. Kent had offered to fly him into JFK. But Bitty traded him for the opportunity to skip out on ungodly long TSA lines in exchange for covering his Uber to his place. The Uber should take 15 minutes. But of course this is one of the busiest places on Earth, and sometimes Bitty feels like he has a special brand of dumb luck.

He rubs his temple as he checks everyone’s snap stories for the umpteenth time. He thinks he could’ve walked there by now. Then again, who knows how long it would take to walk around Central Park with his overnight bag. It would also be incredibly easy to get lost trying to find Harlem.

Pedestrians and bikes flicker by. He thinks he’ll get a crick in his neck from how much he’s staring up in awe. The buildings are grimy but still so brilliantly lit. Clouds continue to rumble over head. New York reminds him of ants scrambling—quick and with purpose.   

Bitty slumps further back in his seat, deciding to play another round of candy crush.

“So what are you in town for?” his driver asks.

Bitty stiffens. Part of him instinctively wants to lie. His mind already has a story about visiting his cousin who’s going to grad school at Columbia but found this cute little place in Har—

He sighs. It’s New York for fuck’s sake. If this man gives him shit, he can just open the door and walk into the world’s slowest traffic.

“Meeting my boyfriend’s family,” Bitty murmurs.

The driver hums. “When I met my wife’s parents, it was the absolute worst.”

Bitty snorts indulgently. “You don’t say?”

“Oh yea,” the driver says amicably. “Her mother was on the city council and her father owned a butcher’s shop. Her mother made a joke that if I ever hurt her, they could make my death look like a freak accident.”

Bitty shivers. “Any advice? Kinda new to this.” 

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