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Hili :) Can you write andreil 81 for the prompts please? Thank you <3

81: “You’re too good for this world.” okay…. I technically didn’t do this exact prompt, I took off the last word, I hope this suffices my friend, bc it’s actually:

“You’re too good for this.”

The problem with living in a fortress of knives and anonymity is that Neil can’t find him in it. And the problem with that is that a treacherous part of Andrew wants to be found, and touched, and dismantled blade by blade.

The problem with knives is that they won’t stop terrifying Neil, but they won’t stop feeling sure and righteous in Andrew’s palm.

The problem is Neil, a taste Andrew can’t completely swallow.

He puts Renee’s knives in Neil’s safe and Neil says all sorts of sticky emotional things like they’re taking part in some sort of ceremony. Andrew clicks the lock and climbs on top of Neil so he’ll stop thinking, pocketing his ‘yes’ as he goes.

It’s not just that he does what Neil asks, anymore. He tries to do things for him before he can ask for them. He tries to make things happen that he knows Neil doesn’t have words for.

He keeps one knife for himself, and he knows Neil knows about it, because he hands Andrew his armbands some mornings, and the weight is there in his palms.

Sometimes, that weight is the only way to get through the day without his head and throat pounding.

Sometimes Neil jerks awake and thrusts his hand under the pillow, and Andrew has to pry his wrists away. Neil knows protection, so he understands the slim line of a blade at his forearm is to Andrew what Andrew is to Neil.

But Andrew can tell that it bothers him, to have a knife buried in something that matters to him. He sees wintery metal in the shade of Neil’s eyes, and Andrew knows he’s condemning him to a future that looks like his past.

Still, the knife is just a talisman. Andrew is the weapon.

Before an afternoon practice sometime in the middle of the rush towards winter, Jack is the target.

They get to the court early because Neil only has morning classes. He’s always antsy by the time Andrew gets back to the dorm, insufferable and single-minded.

Andrew parks, Neil enters the code to the side door, their runners squeak against the sleek hall floors, and they split up at the locker room. Rinse and repeat. So many times a week that Andrew would feel the monotony in his teeth if it weren’t for Neil darting into side rooms or slipping on floor wax or doubling back to run in the rain, unpredictable as a lightning bolt.

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Harry Styles & Lily Collins [manips] + selfies

Because I’m pretty sure people are craving more neural-network-hallucinated Unicode character names, here’s another 25 of them:

  • Greek Small Letter Pheta
  • Fullwidth Latin Small Letter Troke
  • Mouse Jointed Latin Small Letter E
  • Woe or Equal to Conse
  • Combining Brinos-Take
  • Square Poet
  • Modifier Letter Cyrif-Sin Woothitian Z
  • Latin Capital Letter Alplatical Symbol
  • Mathematical Italic Small Mightyy
  • Mathematical Italic Small Punn
  • Logical Breve Congward Up Halfwidtle Open-One Quarter Mail
  • Cyrillic Small Letter Old Computal Stop
  • Latin Small Letter Crudidup
  • Smilinnal Five Half Lowe Inside
  • Canine Circle Hili and Grave
  • Latin Capital Letter Slop
  • Mathematical Monoscamafoilical Iothin Sign Sign
  • Caroial Selifioled Caai with Ham
  • Old South Arabian Number Twenty-Thread
  • Carp Antickustick
  • Musical Symbol Seottimic Upseticlon
  • Vulgar Fultentle E
  • Combining Right Parentles
  • Coptic Epact Number One Hundred Face
  • Symbol for Symbol