Harry Styles & Lily Collins [manips] + selfies

Because I’m pretty sure people are craving more neural-network-hallucinated Unicode character names, here’s another 25 of them:

  • Greek Small Letter Pheta
  • Fullwidth Latin Small Letter Troke
  • Mouse Jointed Latin Small Letter E
  • Woe or Equal to Conse
  • Combining Brinos-Take
  • Square Poet
  • Modifier Letter Cyrif-Sin Woothitian Z
  • Latin Capital Letter Alplatical Symbol
  • Mathematical Italic Small Mightyy
  • Mathematical Italic Small Punn
  • Logical Breve Congward Up Halfwidtle Open-One Quarter Mail
  • Cyrillic Small Letter Old Computal Stop
  • Latin Small Letter Crudidup
  • Smilinnal Five Half Lowe Inside
  • Canine Circle Hili and Grave
  • Latin Capital Letter Slop
  • Mathematical Monoscamafoilical Iothin Sign Sign
  • Caroial Selifioled Caai with Ham
  • Old South Arabian Number Twenty-Thread
  • Carp Antickustick
  • Musical Symbol Seottimic Upseticlon
  • Vulgar Fultentle E
  • Combining Right Parentles
  • Coptic Epact Number One Hundred Face
  • Symbol for Symbol