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would the mods do some sort of promo highlighting different sbbb fics? many fic readers do care more about the writer than the trope because they have more faith in bnfs writing an idea well than someone they've never heard about. bangs attempt to level the playing field as much as possible, and 260 fics is a lot to sort through. sorry i dont mean to be inflammatory, but a lot of us are genuinely afraid we'll fall through the cracks, and we haven't gotten much reassurance that that won't happen.

Alright so since a fair number of people are genuinely worried about this I’ve given it some thought. I think that as well as a single masterlist, we’ll put together posts for each genre that we’ll be separating out within that list. Theres probably going to be between 20 and 30 genres just thinking right now, so it will hilight some of the variety out there by delivering a few per day instead of all at once, although we will have the all at once as well. I think that should help with what you’re worried about without the strain of making individual posts for 260 fics. 

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So I'm painting some noise marines for a 40K word bearers army. I know from the lore that Word Bearers are very strict about their worship of all four gods, but I also know from the books that certain coteries venerate one god ever so slightly more than the others, as long as it benefits the grand company. Any suggestions on how to paint the noise marines?

Hmmm see noise marines I have great difficulty with since I feel like they should be full on bright, epic litch purple hilighted and complimented with bright blue or green eyes. I only ever see the noise marines as slaanesh but I suppose black to gold blending would still be super cool? With bronze/gold hilights?

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Studyblr ask: Hilighter, pen, water bottle, gel pen 😁😁😁 Have a nice day~~ 🙅🏻🙆🏻🙅🏻🙆🏻 liltuna

Hey there girl, thank you for the ask 😘

Highlighter- Ohh… since I’ve started placement again as a student nurse there was an episode where the patient I helped and stayed with for most of the day refused to leave without thanking me for all that I’ve done for here. It really showed me the reason why I wanted to be a nurse in the first place 😍

Pen- I want to excel in my nursing profession, I’ve got 2 years to go till I graduate but I’ve got big plans! I mostly want to specialise in oncology or cardiology 😎

Water bottle- I’m a sucker for Aloe Vera like omg it’s heaven in a bottle 👌🏻

Gel pen- I’d say my appearance is very much kind and gentle but I can be tough when necessary 💪🏻

Thank you so much Liltuna for your ask and now an ask for you: dictionary, markers, ruler and sticky notes.

Fan art is cool but drawing your friends is a pretty cool challenge. Sooo I’ll be doing more portraits hilighting my peeps. This week’s illustration is of the lyrical maven @jeffreydonna 🇵🇭😎#bpeppersart

#art #illustration #pinoy #worldsfair #drawing #illustration #myart #digitalart #digitalillustration #worldsfair #digitalpainting #artist

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