hilgram photo

Yes that is a real 1962 Ferrari 330 GTO and this is me in it. I would like to thank Jim Jaeger (the owner) for bringing the car and Robin Gibson (the manager of his cars) for letting me sit in the car once the owner left. This car is actually a rarer version of the 250 GTO that few people know about. There were only 3 330 GTO’s ever produced and this was the only 330 GTO to race at Le Mans (even though it never finished). It’s essentially a 250 GTO except it has a 4 liter V12 engine with an elongated body to fit the engine and several added air vents. This is the second most valuable car in the world with a price of over $30,000,000. I found this next to 6 other 250 GTOs in a very special garage at a very special hotel in florida. I walked down there and found the hood open and the Mr. Jaeger and Mr. Gibson were working on the engine which was already an incredible sight. After watching them work on the car, getting some pictures, and talking to them about the car, the owner eventually left with his wife. As the mechanic packed up his bag of tools from golden age Maranello into the car I took a long shot and told the man that this is easily my favorite classic car of the best era of racing history and I politely asked him if I could sit in it really quick. He paused for a moment, but then to my amazement he said “well, take that camera off your neck, then go for it.” At this moment I’m sure I had the biggest grin on my face and I slowly got into the car (knowing that if I broke or scratched anything I wouldn’t be here to tell you about this). I sat in the incredibly comfortable seat, put my feet on the pedals, one hand on the steering wheel, one of the shifter and I felt as if I was transported into the 60’s about to make my start at Le Mans to bring home the victory for Mr. Ferrari himself. My dad snapped a few photos (like the one above), I got a few from inside the cabin, slowly got out, thanked the man who let me in about 1000x, and walked away knowing that this would be a moment that I’d remember on my death bed. I’ve been in veyrons, weaved through traffic at over 150 mph flying by police in a ferrari, and been the first civilian in the world to ride in the Rolls Royce Ghost when it was debuted, but this is easily the greatest moment of my car enthusiast life, and I doubt it will ever be topped. Thanks for taking the time to read this and send me an ask about the greatest moment of your car enthusiast life, I’d love to hear about it.