hildy has left her comfortable home in the dwarven mountains in search of excitement and adventure, and to prove to her father that she’s just as brave and heroic as her 5 older brothers. 

she thinks she has finally found somewhere to begin her journey in cotes d'ambonnay.  rumor has it the town is plagued by ghosts and monsters alike and it sounds like a perfectly good place to start building a reputation for herself.


hildy arrives in cotes late but is able to find a tavern that seems to still be open…though it is completely deserted of anyone save the barmaid…

“huh?  oh, a patron, welcome i guess…do you want something?" 

some water please.“

"water.  of course.  my first patron in weeks and she wants water.”

now that you mention it this place does seem a little empty…

you must be new here.”


“cotes has been a real drag lately.  used to be you couldn’t walk five feet without getting pickpocketed, i mean we used to have daily hangings!  now we’re lucky if anyone even gets put in the stocks for an hour, hmf.  course nobody around here to even hang anymore what with all the monsters and things killing them first.”

oh…no…that’s…terrible...” hildy pretends to be sympathetic while simultaneously hiding her excitement over the word monsters.

“yeah, have to admit i’m pretty shocked to see you’ve made it in here with all your limbs and stuff.  you lost or something?”

no i’ve just arrived actually and was looking for a place to stay, do you know of anywhere?”

“the stuffed goose inn’s up the road but the proprietor was found in bloody pieces just this morning so it’s probably not open right now.  hey you can try that old abandoned house just outside of town though.  some old witch used to live there and it’s most probably haunted but-”

sounds perfect!”