The Beginning of Hollow High, Drear and Gloom (Closed)

AU/prequel RP from the cartoon 7D. Focuses only on the charas Hildy and Grim and their days starting out at magic school. This is before they met/were together so it’s Hildy Drear and Grim Gloom and they haven’t met yet.

It’s the first day of new magic school. Hildy is depressed and pissed and hating life because she got into trouble at her previous school, which disqualified her from going to the super prestigious Valor University of Magic. Instead she’s here at Hollow Academy, which SOMEHOW stupid Snazzy Shazam is also going to. But at least she has her best friend Pas with her here.

Grim is just happy to be at magic school, because his spellwork is really kinda iffy. He’s not sure but he thinks his childhood bestie Sebastian (who he calls Bas) maybe pulled some strings so they could stick together here, partners in crime and everything. Seb’s oddball older sister Ruth is already a third year at Hollow.

We’ve also named Hildy’s parents Duke Oz Drear and Duchess Helena Drear.

Hildy- @the-arctic-queen
Grim- me ~


hildy has left her comfortable home in the dwarven mountains in search of excitement and adventure, and to prove to her father that she’s just as brave and heroic as her 5 older brothers. 

she thinks she has finally found somewhere to begin her journey in cotes d'ambonnay.  rumor has it the town is plagued by ghosts and monsters alike and it sounds like a perfectly good place to start building a reputation for herself.


hildy arrives in cotes late but is able to find a tavern that seems to still be open…though it is completely deserted of anyone save the barmaid…

“huh?  oh, a patron, welcome i guess…do you want something?" 

some water please.“

"water.  of course.  my first patron in weeks and she wants water.”

now that you mention it this place does seem a little empty…

you must be new here.”