January 2, 2017

Who is a Happy Happy Birthday Girl today?

Who is verra excited about the first day of MPC 2017?

Who is smiling and reverberating with enthusiasm every day?

I dinna ken. You could ask, oh let’s see, how about @saint-hildegard-of-bingen?

This post is brought to you today by Miss Cellaneous, administrative assistant to Mrs. River-Fraser who is sound asleep and dreaming about Highlander warriors and Happy Birthday Cake. 🎂 Mmm… Happy Birthday Cake… 🎂🎂🎂

okay so a while back i said i was trying to work out how i felt about the 3.x hildy stuff and i said i felt quite ambivalent and. i’ve worked out why i was unhappy. it’s because it nonchalantly revealed a setting detail that completely undermined the foundational point on which every single serious storyline about “new and reformed” ishgard turned. spoilers for everything in discussion.

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