It’s no secret that I love Barbara Gordon, but I didn’t truly fall in love with the character until I knew her as Oracle.  Oracle is one of my all-time favorite heroes because of who she is, what she does, and what she represents. 

Barbara’s catharsis in the “New 52” is a mistake.

Barbara’s not broken, but not only that, putting her back in the Batsuit is an added insult to Oracle’s rich history.

So, I had a thought: what would be the next evolution in Barbara’s hero identity?

Babs is smart and ambitious, so it seems to me that if given the opportunity she wouldn’t go back to ordinary caped crusading.  She’s capable of so much more than that, and she knows it.

So, in my mind, she became Access.

Access is a Barbara who carries her collective experience as Batgirl and Oracle with her.  She is both mastermind and field agent.  She has the ability to infiltrate any database, pirate any signal, see everything.  Access lives inside the grid, between it and through it and knows how to be anywhere and nowhere.