This week we’ve got a stunning Cosplay of the ever so elegant Princess Hilda of A Link Between Worlds. We’ve also added a YouTube video by the model, showcasing the costume for you to see. Something a little bit different to our usual Cosplay of the Week features. The Dark Princess of Lorule is rather enchanting and, like Princess Zelda, will go beyond all means to redeem and protect her kingdom. Her portrayal by the ever lovely Li Kovacs is absolutely astounding and I don’t think I’ve ever come across such a precise replica of Hilda before.

The props and clothing of this costume took Li over 2 months to make, and you can definitely tell how much effort was put into this creation. The rod with the reverse Triforce, the crown and the small details in the garment are very well put together. I honestly can’t really fault this Cosplay at all.

Along with this video online, Li also has a Facebook showcasing professional photos of all her Zelda Cosplays. In the mini gallery below you can view her Hilda Cosplay’s and let us know what you think of her efforts!

Li has many different Cosplays that she has worn, which can all be seen via her Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and her official website: www.likovacs.com.

Don’t forget to show us your own Zelda Cosplays, and tag us in your Cosplay posts on Twitter with #ZIcostume.

- See more at: http://www.zeldainformer.com/exclusives/cosplay-of-the-week-princess-hilda-by-li-kovacs#.VVv3RPlVhBc


link’s lullabies  [ GOLD ] 

Tower of Spirits - Spirit Tracks || Laruto’s Theme + Medli’s Prayer - The Windwaker || Guilty Feeling - Hyrule Warriors || Snowpeak - Twilight Princess || Stone Tower Temple - Majora’s Mask || Safety in the Sanctuary - A Link to the Past || Ordon Village - Twilight Princess || Light World Temple (Eastern Temple) - A Link Between Worlds || Romance in the Air - Skyward Sword || Enter the Twilight Realm - Twilight Princess || Hyrule Castle - The Windwaker || Illa’s Theme - Twilight Princess || Zora’s Domain - Ocarina of Time || Hilda Meets Zelda - A Link Between Worlds || Crimson Loftwing - Skyward sword || Great Fairy Fountain (Milk Bar) - A Link Between Worlds || Zelda’s Lullaby - Ocarina of Time || 

zelda’s lullabies

Gate of Time - Skyward Sword || Sheik’s Theme - Ocarina of Time || Swamp Palace - A Link Between Worlds || Midna’s Lament - Twilight Princess || Spirit Temple - Ocarina of Time || Zelda’s Theme - Minish Cap || Isle of Songs - Skyward Sword || Kakariko Village - Ocarina of Time || Zelda’s Lullaby - The Windwaker || Hilda’s Despair - A Link Between Worlds || Zora’s Domain - Twilight Princess || Song of Healing - Majora’s Mask || Temple of Hylia - Skyward Sword || Ending Theme - The Legend of Zelda ||

Finally I have some time to write something about this last con.
I had a great time, it was really nice to see all my friends and pass some time with you guys, I can’t wait for next time. <3 <3

On the first day I went was Hilda from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, and for all that thought I was Zelda…..sorry I wasn’t. I had a great time using this costume and also had the opportunity take som photos, also I notice the some or two thing have to change on my costume before I use it again.
On the second day I went as Ricken from Fire Emblem Awakening and participate on the group cosplay contest with Annie Cos​ as Sully and Miharu Cosplay​ as Sumia. We didn’t expect to win, we only wanted to have fun and be on the stage ^^

I want to thanks everyone for this amazing weekend ^^

See you on the next con ^^