white exclusionists making “masterlist” posts about white inclusionist racists is so hilarious to me because white exclusionists are just as racist and ace discourse on all sides is equally racist and also has zero fucking impact on any person of color’s life so it’s just, like, funny to me, because thinking that asexies are queer or thinking that they aren’t doesn’t make you more or less racist

and like, let’s be real. the only reason you’re making a “masterlist” about this is bc you want to use racism and people of color as political tools for ur own agenda. everyone does that w/ us. we’re only relevant to white ppl when we need to be exploited. inclusionists do the same thing, of course. but i doubt all of these white exclusionists who make masterlists of asexie racists would do this at all in other contexts. 

It’s still so hilarious to me that white nationalists on Twitter give themselves Icelandic names they can neither understand nor pronounce, just because they think it’s “Germanic” or whatever. I’m fairly certain I could convince a few of them that these are proud white names:

  • Rassgat Píkuson (Asshole Cuntson)
  • Mannfjandi Runkarason (Mandemon Wankerson)
  • Selríðari Reðursson (Sealfucker Penisson)
  • Illþefjandi Holhandarson (Stinky Armpitson)

I think it’s my responsibility and my privilege as an actual Icelandic speaker to convince at least one white nationalist to go around calling himself one of these names 

its always fucking hilarious whenever white people see something that black people post thats clearly an intracommunity post and they clearly have zero stake in whatsoever and don’t even understand at its very base level and then start screaming about like. i don’t even fucking know what like white People should not be allowed to see black peoples posts

Something I find funny...

Is when White People™ say shit, like, “If it wasn’t for Colonialism the africans would still be killing each other because one has a slightly darker skin than the other” as if they weren’t killing each other for believing in slightly different versions of the same fairy tale???
As if they weren’t burning innocent people alive because they liked to pick weeds in the night? As if they weren’t doing The Most to fuck each other up???
I think is hilarious.

hilarious when whites try to use being “queer” or being neurodivergent for internet points in arguments against the mean p o cs like my guy this is fuckin tumblr….. who gives a shite if yr a mentally ill gay person lmao so is everyone else

Re: Steven Universe & The “Concrete Controversy”.

Hey all, NTom here. Been a while since I’ve done much else besides reblog fan art and anything funny I’ve come across on Tumblr but I’m in a thinkin’ mood so I figured I’d jot down some thoughts regarding recent events. I’m gonna preface this, however, by saying I am white and if that’s enough for you to disregard my opinion on the following matter, then by all means go ahead. No skin off of my nose. 

Steven Universe is a very inclusive show. This is obvious. However, what happens when something comes along to challenge that idea? When it seems that there’s trouble in paradise? People freak out. They feel betrayed. This happened with the revelation of a concept known as “Concrete” that was found in the Steven Universe art book. 

Suffice it to say, there’s similarities with the “blackface/mammy” style that was oh-so-popular way back when, and rightfully so, a lot of people weren’t happy with this. On top of this some random notes assigned to the character were…less than flattering. You know, the “blacks are ignorant” level of stereotyping. But was this intentional? When brainstorming, did Lamar (a black man), draw up a racist caricature, pass it around and did Hilary, a white(?) woman look at it and say “ha, this looks like something I could attribute racial ignorance to”? No, of course not.

Lamar, Hilary AND Rebecca Sugar herself have since apologized for this lapse in judgement and future editions of the Art Book will no longer feature the concept art of Concrete. A lot of people accepted these apologies, some chose not to. I have to ask of those who refuse to though…why? What’s the point? Do you honestly think the SU team is filled with racists? For once I’m not being facetious, I generally do not understand this mindset. Sure, you don’t HAVE to accept the apology, you can disagree with its contents and how it was phrased, but some of the malice and outright VENOM that’s been spouted by particular sections of the fandom recently have been shocking. I’m a firm believer in trying to listen to both sides of an argument, even though sometimes it’s so very, very simple and much easier to be biased, but this has gotten kind of out of hand. 

Steven Universe is a product of love. Granted, it’s a very flawed one with many problems that I won’t get into here, but there’s no doubt that the people working on the show, be they white, POC or otherwise do what they do with a genuine affection for both the characters, the story, the world, but most definitely also the audience itself. If all it takes to lose that goodwill is one simple, little picture (and yes I’m aware of the Amethyst stuff, but I’m just focusing on Concrete here), then what does that say about you as a fan? 

If you truly believe the team is ignorant, then vent your feelings as constructively as possible, let it out, and then let it go. Let them take in the comments, let them learn and grow. No, “it should never have been done in the first place” is not a good enough reason for continued borderline harassment. This fanbase is better than that. I’ve not been here from the start, but I’ve seen highs and I’ve seen lows, and with the show moving past the rather…divisive fourth season and starting out Season 5 on an astounding high (and with SDCC around the corner and the hope of a bright future for the show), I just don’t like seeing things as they are. However, this is not a callout post nor is it meant to patronize. I’m addressing no user in particular here, and like I said, this is just the humble opinion of someone who was unaffected by the matter. If you want to show that you’re not OK with the art, don’t purchase the art book, or at least wait until the offending image is removed. Dropping the show, blasting the creators on social media etc,…these things do nothing. Be constructive. Be firm in your beliefs and don’t just fire from the hip. Be cool, be calm, be collected.

But most of all, be happy. If you need to be angry, and you feel hurt, then you have every right to BE hurt. Just remember that on the other side of this are creators who didn’t mean to hurt you no matter how ignorant they may have been.

Thank you for reading. 

anonymous asked:

Question: What do people have against Hilary? Has she ever been mean or jerkish to fans?

Several East Asian fans expressed their discomfort that Hilary, a white woman, keeps drawing the gems in Japanese school clothes (especially since they can’t even bother including East Asian characters)

I can’t believe that some people are upset about Idris Elba being cast as Roland Deschain in the Dark Tower movie. “But Roland was really white,” they screech. “ If we cast a white woman as Susannah, you’d protest. If it’s wrong to cast a white actor as a black character, then it’s wrong to cast a black actor as a white character.” Bless you heart, sugar! First of all, race was a big part of Susannah’s story, so it would be important for her to be played by a black woman. However race plays no role at all in Roland’s life, so it…doesn’t matter? Secondly, the comment “ Roland was really white” is hilarious, because like, he isn’t real, babe.