hilary was a good addition to the show

I’ve just been smacked in the face with anxiety and realisation that Wynonna Earp might not be renewed.

I can’t believe this show isn’t getting loads of attention! You’ve got a strong characters, a heavy amount of sarcasm and humour, with a nice handful of horror and storylines that are beautifully written and acted.

The cast and crew interact with their viewers hilariously on Twitter and live tweet every episode. The additional content that is released after every episode (behind the scenes and other good stuff) is amazing.

The fandom is phenomenal compared to other bigger fandoms (my opinion). We don’t really fight about ships, especially with Wynonna, Doc and Dolls because I think a lot of us don’t mind either of the characters and believe polyamory would be a great option. And yes I must mention wayhaught because I have never seen a wlw relationship written so well (I would know I’ve seen/tried all the wlw couple YouTube videos or every tv show and movie that even has a touch of wlw).

Overall, please watch this show! I’m sure a lot of you can agree that this show is a breathe of fresh air for television. Wynonna Earp is brilliant and I’m sure if you give it a chance you’ll agree too.

everythingyouweretooafraidtoask  asked:

My husband and I worked together at a well known bookstore. I was in the back offices doing special orders and he worked on the floor. We had been married for about five years and had a two year old at the time of a big work party celebrating an author's new book. We showed up together with our daughter and everyone was surprised! They knew we were each married, but not to each other. This is why I can remain so calm when it comes to Cait and Sam.

This is great, thank you for sharing :) I know that situation with Sam&Cait is different, but you can be together and keep it private in the show business too. For example 

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton have been together since 2009, but they tend to keep their romance pretty private. Aside from the occasional red carpet outing, these two don’t step out together too often. But when they do, they always have a good time (like, a really good time). In addition to the Walking Dead actor constantly goofing around and making Hilarie laugh, the One Tree Hill actress frequently plants sweet kisses on her man (and that nuzzling in his neck? FORGET ABOUT IT). The pair, who welcomed son Augustus in March 2010, are so protective of their personal life that they’ve never confirmed if they’re married or not (they probably are). While it can sometimes get annoying when couples are overly gushy in public, these two are just so damn cute because they genuinely seem like best friends.

So i never got to read harry potter books as a kid, the books were too big and advanced for my at the time limited English and there were no Spanish copies available at my school. Missed out on that original hype to see the books come to life on the big screen and look at the differences and similarities and changes and additions and aaalll of that good stuff that comes with adaptations.
Missed out on that.
I /Did/ read the heck out of Captain Underpants. All the books, even the extra crunchy book -o- fun ones and the super diaper baby spin off.
Loved them to pieces and I often even tore out the flip o ram on accident over losing my mind how hilarious it was.

Anyway, like I’ve mentioned many several times before, I work at a movie theatre.
And today it was extremely busy, both wonder woman and captain underpants opening showings nearly to completely sold out. I got a call that there was a screaming kid in one of the auditoriums, and since im the best with kids/have the kindest voice they sent me to check it out.
By the time I get there the previews are over and the movie starts off with the DreamWorks logo, but instead of just hearing that opening fairy tale jingle you get George and Harold singing along. Then it opens up to the boys narrating Captain Underpants’ backstory.
By this time the kid is no longer screaming.
Both he and I and the audience are paying full silent attention to the story.
Spoiler not spoiler (?) It starts with the opening monologue he gets when he changes to Captain Underpants, the
“More faster than a speeding waistband! More powerful than boxer shorts! He’s able to leap tall buildings without getting a wedgie!!!”

And goddamn it made me so happy????
I remembered that!!!! From years ago it still felt so familiar!!!! That type of cgi didn’t exist back then but its exactly like I always imagined it to be!!!!!
I haven’t even seen it yet!!! But i love it!!!!!! Im buying my little cousins the books and taking them to see it too!!!!

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Hey guys! I just wanted to thank you for your last tags... I'm so glad you like those silly additions, i was hoping you wouldn't mind. I love your posts and it's one way to show you that. Keep the good job! 👍😊

We LOVE those silly additions you and so many others add!! The quotes always look better with a visual representation, and your gifs are pretty much on point and hilarious! Thank you:)

10k aside, this episode was fucking amazing. I enjoyed it so much. The Enders and the Z’s eating eachother are so fucking clever and I can’t wait to see more of that plotline. Kaya and Dr. Sun Mei are two amazing girls who are going to be an amazing addition to our small band of characters. Roberta Warren kicked ass and we don’t fucking deserve her. Roberta Warren is a character ahead of our time. Please cherish her for as long as she may live. Hector is actually a good character and not disappointing like I thought he would be. CITIZEN Z HAS FRIENDS PEOPLE HE CAN TALK TO HE’S NOT ALONE. Doc is still hilarious and Addy is well, Addy. SHE HAS THE ZWHACKER BACK AND IT’S LIT LIKE IT’S LITERALLY LIT

I’m so excited for this new season and new plot and god, I love this show so fucking much. We don’t deserve it and if you stop watching because 10k got bit and didn’t die, then you don’t deserve to be in this fandom. Thank you.

Glee 6x08 'A Wedding' Review: Groundbreaking love & familiar faces

It’s the wedding that we’ve all been waiting for since the first two seasons and how well does Glee deliver? Well, for the most part this episode is fantastic; we have a great set of actors execute a great dose of dialogue but there just so happens to be a few things that take place which ruin the overall essence of the episode. However, with fantastic guest stars such as JenniferCoolidge, Gloria Estefan and Ken Jeong as well as familiar faces like Jenna Ushkowitz and Harry Shum Jr. all topped off with the impact of Brittana, it isn’t entirely difficult to enjoy this episode!

Spoilers are included in this review.

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Rockstar Feature

Hello WSWCGSers! (just made that up but yes, that is a thing)

Introducing the newest addition to our blog: “Rockstar Feature” We are adding this in hopes of building a layer of personalization and community to make this place feel a little more neighborly :p And also because in addition to being smart, curious, hilarious, cool, and probably also really really ridiculously good looking.. we know that there’s more to you guys and we want to show that off. 

WSWCGS, meet Jeremy!

What is your field of study and thesis project?

Geological Paleoclimatology

Reconstructing global and regional paleoceanography during the last glacial cycle

What is your favorite blog post?


My favorite WSWCGS that I’ve submitted: TESTING MY NEW MACHINE 

What keeps you going when times get tough?

Mountain biking, single-barrel bourbon, and the sneaking suspicion that someday, I’ll look back at this time in my life fondly. 

Any advice to pass along?

Develop a healthy hobby and spend some time reflecting on your progress regularly. 

Apply for fellowships that you don’t think you can get.

Submit abstracts to conferences about teaching and STEM diversity. 

Don’t work every weekend. 

Anything else you want to include?

Thanks so much for the years of PhD-themed laughter - the community of people that submit to this website is incredible, and you’re all fantastically hilarious! Keep on keeping on. 

WSWGCS, say hello to Jeremy! You guys are the ish, rock on.

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