hilary sycamore


OH HEY GUYS COVER REVEAL FOR THE NAMELESS CITY BOOK 1!!!!!! YAY! Entertainment Weekly has the scoop, as well as a short interview with me right here

Oh my sweet lord, this cover. It nearly killed me. We went through a massive design process, I think I literally broke one designer, because I’ve no idea what happened to her, and at one point (in MAY) we thought the cover was done, but then marketing sent it back and was like “make it better.” Which is fine! I wanted the cover to be the very best it could be, it was just an unusual experience for me. For my past books (Friends with Boys, Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong), we did like 3 cover mock ups, one was picked and there were maybe a couple revisions and then it was done. Doing the cover for The Nameless City was something like a 6 month process. Crazy! But I’m happy with it, and more importantly, my publisher (and marketing ;)) is happy with it too.

I’m going to post cover process stuff later (today or tomorrow), so you can see the insanity that was designing this cover. XD 

Cover colours are by Hilary Sycamore (my interior colourist, Jordie Bellaire was too busy to colour the cover). Oh, and the two interior pages are non-sequential (colours by Jordie Belliare).