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Just in case you ever forget how beautiful Zach/Owen is:

  • Zach going off to college, talking to a friend who’s taking Zoology and off-handedly mentioning that his boyfriend is an ex-Navy SEAL professional raptor wrangler.
  • Owen can’t figure out why Zach is so reluctant to spend the night with him. He isn’t going to push him, yeah, but they’ve been dating for almost seven months now (and he’s kind of starting to wonder whether his boyfriend has a third nipple or something). Turns out Zach talks in his sleep. At first it’s just ten kinds of adorable and pretty freakin’ hilarious when Owen catches him mumbling about pickles and Owen’s jawline in his sleep. Then one night, he’s just drifting off, cuddled up with an arm around Zach’s waist, when he hears the words I love you murmured softly. Owen doesn’t tease him again after that, but secretly, Zach’s midnight ramblings are one of his favourite things ever.
  • It’s been years since the Isla Nublar incident, and Owen still feels really empty without his girls. He misses having something to teach and care for — and it doesn’t go unnoticed by Zach. He adopts a puppy from the animal shelter and surprises Owen. Owen falls in love with her instantly and by the end of week, she refuses to leave his side. The puppy chews through Zach’s headphone cord but he can’t bring himself to complain — not when this is the happiest Owen has been since the raptors.
  • Owen’s really into country music. Like, really, really into it. He knows every lyric to every Johnny Cash song ever and it’s kind of terrifying, but one day they’re driving and an old Taylor Swift song comes on the radio. Owen looks a little embarrassed, but half a minute later and some goading from Zach (because, come on, he found Owen’s secret stash of less-than-macho music weeks ago), and they’re both belting out the words like it’s nobody’s business.
  • Zach realizes he might just love Owen on a lazy Saturday morning; when they’re wrapped in blankets and slow-dancing in the kitchen, still half-asleep. Zach rests his head against Owen’s shoulder, listening to him hum an off-pitch tune, and thinks: shit, I might just love this dork.
Girl Power

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Trigger Warnings: None :)

Can I please have a fic where the reader just started working at the Raptor sector of Jurassic World, and someone falls into the raptor Pen and she jumps in to save them and then Owen Grady has to save her. BUT BUT Then it turns out she doesn’t need saving because the Raptors like her cause GIRL POWER or something like that? Thank you! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your writing!!

a/n: asdfghjkl;’ chris pratt yes! i’m 98% sure that everyone uses that gif. its short don’t kill me. :3 also none of the gifs are mine lol.

     It was your third day working at Jurassic World. You’ve always loved dinosaurs, so given the job opening, you jumped at the opportunity. Even after the disaster with the Indominus Rex. You were given the job to work with the Raptors, and you were excited for they had always been your favorite. There was another person working with you in the sector, but you haven’t met him yet. You didn’t mind, one on one time with your new babies was critical.

    You were making your way towards the raptor pen when a golf cart started trailing behind you. The driver yelled for you to stop and you did. “Can I help you?” You asked, turning to see a tall man towering over you with a small smile.

     “Are you (Y/N)? “ He asked. You just stood there mesmerized by his fluffy hair and really nice face. He raised his eyebrows and noticed you were checking him out causing him to smirk. You saw him smirk which snapped you out of your trance. You nodded.

      “Great! I’m Owen,” he gave a wink. “Owen Grady, your partner in crime and keeping track of the raptors. And maybe something else…” He said suggestively. Owen made a note to thank the boss for a pretty co worker.

     You both hopped on the cart and he drove you to the pen to see Charlie, Delta, Blue, and your personal favorite, Echo. When you got there, Barry was already feeding them the rats. He heard you walking up the bridge and gave you a warm smile and a nice hug. You met Barry on your first day and he was just the nicest person. 

     You spent the day with Owen and the raptors after Barry left to do other things. Owen was hilarious, making stupid jokes and dancing to music he put on. At first, you thought he was one of those guys who were jerks to people and played around too much, but he was nice. His looks were a huge bonus. You watched as he played, or trained rather, with the raptors. He was good, you’d admit, but you were too.

     As everyone was leaving for the day, you heard a yelp in the direction of the bridge. You immediately ran over to see one of the interns fell into the pen near Charlie and Delta. The other two were no where in sight, but you knew they were close by. Raptors always stay with the pack. You ran down to the gates, where Barry and Owen stood talking, completely unaware of what happened. The intern wasn’t in any real danger since the dinosaurs were already fed, but fear could drive him to attack them, which will lead them to become predatory.

     You reached for the switch and flipped it, opening the gate. That got the attention of the two men, but you ran in before they could stop you. You headed straight to the young guy that fell in, helping him up, gaining the attention of the girls. 

      “I need you to stay calm. They won’t hurt you if you don’t hurt them okay? Just stay by me. You’ll be fine.” The intern visibly gulped, but nodded none the less. 

      You turned around, put your fingers to your mouth and whistle. Reaching toward the pockets of your terrible cargo pants, you realised you left your clicker outside, and sighed. Owen stood against the gate watching you. You raised you hand, making the girls follow your lead.

      You turned you head towards the guy and mouthed, “Go.” He instantly ran to the gate door as you distracted your girls. Delta, who always had a hard time trusting you, took a few steps toward you. A worried feeling ran through Owen, and he yelled, “I’m coming in!” 

     You thought he didn’t trust the newbie, you felt hurt and Echo noticed. She screeched out making you look at her. You gave her a smile for comforting you and took a step forward. Owen was making his way in as Delta moved even closer to you. He prepared to run towards you, but stopped when you yelled in a motherly voice, “Delta. Stay.” 

     Delta stopped instantly letting out a sorrowful moan and stepped back. You eventually got all of them to walk away, getting back to what they were doing. Owen watched in awe the whole time. You walked back to him, and smirked. He let out a breathy, “How?”

     “Girl power.” You laughed, pulling him out of the pen, making him smile as well. He definitely had something for you now. 

well, i wrote it lol. Sorry if it sucked, but i watched the movie like once, haha. I’m shit at titles but deal with it, i tried. Hope you liked it dear anon. Thanks for requesting! I will be posting all day today so request if you wanna. <3


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