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“You’re going to die tomorrow, Lord Bolton. Sleep well.”


People of Earth - Favorite Scenes [1/ ∞]

Don at the Alien Experiencer Expo

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Do you have a list of funny YOI fics? Doesn't need to have much as long as it makes me laugh!!!

I love a good laugh! I have read SO many hilarious fics, here are a few of them where I was dying from laughing so hard!

(The gif was made by @nikiforoov! Thank you!!)


Bottom’s Up by cryingoverspilledvodka, lucycamui, Teen, 4.3k
At the Grand Prix banquet, Victor’s been asked to sign an autograph for a very enthusiastic fan. Unfortunately, there’s a distinct lack of paper around. Fortunately, Yuuri has a suggestion. This is the best thing I have ever read, I’m still screaming HHAHHAHAHAHA

Amateur or Expert by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Teen, 1.9k
AU where Yuuri is a ice skating instructor and Victor is thirsty for him and will do whatever it takes for Yuuri to get to know him. Even if that means pretending to not know how to skate at all, even though he’s a five-time world champion. VERY cute, lots of fluff, and Victor is hilarious in this. Love!

better than sliced bread by ebenroot, Teen, 8.1k
in which we all assumed yuuri is the one to own a dakimakura but maybe that isn’t entirely the case. LMAOOOOO

Safety Hazards in St. Petersburg by lucycamui, Explicit, 3.7k
In which Yuuri moves in with Victor in St. Petersburg and Victor discovers just how distracting living with him can be. I LOVE THIS FIC SO MUCH OMG

#KissOrHug by Aurum, Gen, 2.2k
Yuuri and Victor make #Victuri trend worldwide. Phichit accidentally makes it worse. This is is SO cute, it’s a must read!

he was a sk8er boy she said see you l8er boy by bookybookworm, Teen, 14k (WIP)
pika+chu: hello friends
katsudon-yuri: ummm
katsudon-yuri: what is this
pika+chu: this, young yuri, is a group chat

i’m just going to the store by bosbie, Teen, 7.2k
How Victor’s impulsiveness backfires and creates one of the greatest living internet memes to ever come out of Russia. THIS IS AMAZING HAHA

Habit by LFMH021, Teen, 2.8k
Yuuri has developed a habit. Before competitions, whenever he wants to concentrate and exercise at the same time, he faces the wall, braces his forearms on it and then wiggle his hips while trying to recite over and over again his routine. HAHAHAAHA

Turn Backwards on Go by inkwellstars, Not Rated, 5.3k
In which Yuuri and Victor, happily married and retired, find themselves thrown into the past and proceed to mess with everyone. One of the few time travel fics without angst. Super hilarious, too!

Katsuki Yuuri Fan Club by Katyaton, Teen, 2.2k
Yuuri has been adjusting well to life in St. Petersburg, making friends with the Russian skaters and slowly adapting to the new culture. When Viktor starts obsessing over something on his phone, though, Yuuri starts to worry. He suspects it’s something related to him and wants to find out what has Viktor so transfixed, but will the ensuing embarrassment be worth his curiosity? LOLOL

turn it, leave it, stop, format it by ebenroot, Explicit, 19k
“If you want, I can recommend you some security programs that you can download for free and protect your computer. That way, you won’t be at risk of losing these cute photos of your dog even when you browse websites like ‘Luscious Lonely Wives’.” Victor gives one long ‘haa’. “I don’t browse those websites,” he says through his straining smile. SO CUTE AND FUNNY! I love @ebenroot so much!!

lovesick by Ironinkpen, Teen, 2.7k
“Did the doctor send you?” When Yuuri doesn’t reply fast enough, since he’s still gaping like a fish, he turns to Yuri. “Did the doctor send him? Because wow,” He drops his arm and presses his hand to his chest like the dramatic bastard he is. “You’ve got to be the prettiest man I’ve ever seen.”
“Oh my god,” Yuri groans. “Is he hitting on you?” OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS FIC

The Goddamn Tie Has Got To Go by  Katyaton, Teen, 4.5k
Dear God. Yuuri was wearing the tie again.
The powdery blue monstrosity was not only unfashionable (and where did Yuuri even manage to acquire such a tie?), it also reminded Viktor, with shocking clarity, of a sweaty, half naked, pole dancing Yuuri. For the sake of his remaining dignity, Viktor needed to improvise a plan to dispose of it as soon as possible. You have to read this!

Sleep(talk) It Off by cerisecandy, Gen, 1.2k
Where Yuuri sleep-talks, Viktor remains awake and suffers, and another night passes at the Katsuki family inn. Lord have mercy I nearly died while reading this I was in stitches!!!

SkateSquad™ groupchat by stxmph, Teen, 50k (WIP)
(groupchat log of the skate squad) Rec’d by a follower!

If you have any more suggestions, feel free to reply to this post with your favourites!


((So guess what my asshole friends convinced me to start going through in 2017))

Another reminder Gil was alive in 2009 fuckign god dmanit dudes 

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hi spooks!! viktuuri high fives for the touch prompts? i just think that's so??? Hilarious??? *morooka voice* and here we have the most romantic lovers to ever grace the ice executing a..............high five

I…might have gone in a slightly different direction with this???? oops. 

Katsuki and Best Friend Coach Victor Nikiforov to remain Coach and Student as Nikiforov Returns to Skating

Nikiforov shocked the skating world when he abruptly retired earlier this year and moved to Japan to coach Katsuki Yuuri. Their hug at the Cup of China made waves in the skating community—showcasing a deep affection between two friends. Two very good friends. Definitely just friends. No one is quite as skeptical of Nikiforov’s decision now that Katsuki’s broken his coach’s record and taken home silver.

At the press conference after the medal ceremony, Nikiforov expressed his desire to return to the ice while remaining Katsuki’s coach…

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“I’m suing them for libel.” Victor would rip the paper in half but he needs to make sure he can still read the columnist’s name so he can savage them over the phone. And television. And Twitter—especially Twitter. “Did they not see my ring?”

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I feel like the most ridiculously laughable part of this whole thing im seeing is this concept that dan’s video wasn’t as good because phil wasn’t there to help him film/edit. and im like ??? what world have you been living in? They have both said that dan prefers to film alone where phil isn’t watching and can’t hear him unless absolutely necessary? Dan is 26 and has been making high-quality videos for like 8 years now…i think he’s got it figured out. And like, the idea that dan’s editing is the problem here is HILARIOUS. Like have you ever actually edited a video? because it’s really obvious when dan edits a video and it is always exceptionally well done. again, he’s been doing this for 8 years. he doesn’t need ‘editing tips’ from phil, he knows what he’s doing perfectly fine on his own. 

like kill the idea that dan needs phil to be successful. because he absolutely does not. dan is with phil because they make a great team and they care for each other deeply, but don’t mistake that with his artistic abilities relying on phil. because dan’s brand would be completely fine without phil, he has always had a really strong individual brand because his concepts and the execution of his ideas is always brilliantly done. he doesn’t need phil for a successful video.

Still accepting; Ask meme

oh god he looks like a teen. 

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Hello’s and Goodbye’s

[ shaun murphy x reader ]

a/n: i’m actually obsessed with the good doctor like oh my g o d also sorry if this sucks i’m trying my best pls love me :’) (side note: i know shaun doesn’t answer questions and stuff but like… i wrote this before the episode aired and i had no idea how to rewrite it in a way that was decent so overlook that please ANYWAY ENJOY!!)

word count: 2.1k (holy moly)

You let out a resonant groan as you entered the parking lot, realising you’d forgotten your umbrella at home. The minuscule problem only adding to the plethora of conundrums you experienced that morning.

For starters, you slept through your alarm and hardly time to get ready for work, making you practically race to get to the hospital on time. This, of course, led you to getting pulled over by an officer, who was seemingly waiting to catch you going 70 in a 55. Despite your pleads for him to not write you up, he couldn’t have cared less about your predicament, leaving you with a fat fine to death with. All of that obviously had made you late. You just prayed that you could go without seeing Dr. Melendez and Dr. Andrews – seeing as they are the only two that would give you a hard time for being late.

“Melendez is going to kill me,” you mutter along with a few other obscenities as you exited your car.

The pouring rain drenched you in a matter of seconds as you dashed through the parking lot. You made a mental note to buy one to keep in your car at all times. As you neared the front door of the building, you noticed a man. He was tall and just as soaked as you, pacing back and forth nervously. But despite your curiosities about the stranger, you unfortunately had no time to stop and chat.

“Excuse me, miss,” the boy asked as you walked past him. His eyes never leaving the glass doors of the hospitals entrance.

So much for not talking, you thought to yourself. “Yes?

“I–I just, I need to…” he said anxiously, stumbling over his words. The man lifted his eyes to meet your’s as he trailed off, only keeping his gaze there briefly before looking at everything but you. “There is a patient, a little boy, who needs an echocardiogram. I need to find him; the doctors won’t listen. His heart–It’s his heart–”

You cut him off as the stranger begins to ramble, you eyebrows furrowing at he hastiness of his tone. “Hey, I’m sure everything’s okay,” you assured the worried man. “I promise you, we have some of the best doctors San Jose has to offer, he’s in good hands–”

“It’s critical that I find him. I need to get in that hospital. He’ll die if he doesn’t get the echocardiogram, and no one’s listening to me,” he elaborates. The man didn’t raise his voice in the slightest, which surprises you. But his words quickened in urgency and his hands gestures become flustered.

You sighed, momentarily debating on if you really want to be any later to work than you already were. You’re sure if you refuse his entrance, the man will only protest more. So you decide to take a leap of faith, hoping he isn’t a complete psycho. “Come with me.”

As the two of you sped down the many corridors of the hospital, you looked at the stranger, sending him a kind smile. “Uh, I didn’t catch a name earlier…” you trail off.

“I’m Dr. Shaun Murphy.”

“You’re a doctor?” you quiz and he simply nods. “Why were you kicked out then?”

“When I suggested the boy needed the echocardiogram, a doctor had a security guard remove me from the building. She yelled at me for trying to help. I don’t think she was having a great morning.”

You couldn’t help but let out a laugh, immediately knowing he was describing your best friend. “That must’ve been Dr. Browne. She can get rather tense when days get hectic like this,” you explain.

“But anyway, I’m–” You were interrupted in your introduction as you pushed one of the doors open, suddenly face to face with Claire and Melendez. 

“We were just coming to find you,” she says to Shaun through her surgical mask.

He looks back at you and you give him a tightlipped smile, silently telling him “good luck.


You didn’t expect to see Shaun again. As lunchtime rolled around, you practically forgotten about him. Your morning was spent with you in the O.R., which meant you had no time to think about anything else but the surgery at hand, let alone the cute stranger you’d met that morning.

You settled for a bottled water and an apple, hoping that’ll tie you over until the afternoon. Claire had texted you earlier and told you to meet her in the locker room at lunch and that it’s about “very urgent business.” That obviously meant it was probably about Jared.

As you start your journey to the locker room, a familiar voice stops you in your tracks.

“Dr. (Y/N)!”

You turn around and see Shaun standing, and as you meet his eyes he looks down at his tray. The smile that tugs at your lips couldn’t be contained even if you tried to stop it. You walk over to his table and sit down at the seat across from him. Claire will just have to wait.

“Hello, again! Uh, how did you know–”

“Dr. Browne told me,” Shaun cuts you off, already knowing what you were going to ask. A subtle grin takes over his lips as he says as his eyes stay glued to his hands, “She also told me to tell you that she appreciates that you let me in, but to not to do it again.”

You giggle at his statement. The beautiful noise made him grin.

“Sounds like something she’d say…” you trail off with a redolent smile. “Did you need something, Dr. Murphy?”

“No, I–I just wanted to properly thank you for letting me in earlier. The guard was very adamant about never letting me in the hospital again.”

You let out another laugh, and Shaun wonders how a mere sound can make someone so happy. Your laugh reminds him of the voice of angels and it puts butterflies in his stomach.

“Don’t worry about it, that kid is alive now because of you.” 

Shaun glances up to meet your gaze, keeping his eyes there longer than before. For the first time, you realise how blue his eyes are. The icy cerulean reminds you of glaciers and winter skies.”

“You’re staring,” Shaun apprises, knocking you out of your thoughts. Although he didn’t say it in a reprimanding way you can’t help the burning sensation that makes it’s way to your cheeks, turning them a light red. And much to your dismay, he was no longer looking at you.

“Sorry, I, uh–I got distracted.”

“It’s okay,” he comforts, fiddling with his thumbs. “Would you like to–”

The ding-ing of your phone cuts him off. You retrieve the device out of your jacket pocket, seeing another text from Claire.

from: claire <3
get down here asap!! i have an embarrassing yet super hilarious story i need to tell someone so i feel less bad about myself!!

You grin and type out a quick response. Looking back up at the doctor, you see he’s already staring back at you. And as he’s done so many times before, he looks away as your gaze meets his.

“I’m sorry, Dr. Murphy, but I need to go. Claire needs me for something,” you slide out of the wooden cafeteria chair. “But I’ll see you around?”

He nods.

“See you,” you wave from over your shoulder with a smile as you make your way out of the cafeteria.

“See you,” he responds back even though you were already halfway down the hallway, his response completely inaudible to your ears.


“Where were you?” Claire asks with her mouth full of food as you entered the locker room.

“I was in the cafeteria talking to Dr. Murphy,” you tell her. You sit down in front of the curly headed girl on the bench opposite her. “He’s weird, but he’s nice. I like him.”

“Melendez told me that’s the kid Dr. Glassman is fighting for, you know, to get a job here. The one with autism and savant syndrome.”

You let out a gasp in realisation and Claire continues. “Yeah, apparently tomorrow he has to give a speech to the board about why he should get a job here. Melendez and Andrews are completely against it.”

“Somehow that doesn’t surprise me,” you remark. Those two doctors are some of the biggest pains in the entire hospital. “I hope he gets it. Dr. Murphy is a fantastic doctor and I heard he did fabulous surgery today.”


Claire nods and wipes the crumbs from her mouth to respond, “Yeah, he found the abnormality in Adam’s heart in, like, a millisecond, and neither of us even knew it was there,” she reported before letting out a short laugh. “And when he left, Dr. Melendez was like ‘Autism is a mental condition characterised by difficulty in communicating and using language and abstract concepts. Does it sound like I’m describing a surgeon?’”

You let out a chuckle at her attempt to impersonate her boss. “Why is he the worst person I’ve ever met?”

“Because he stopped getting laid,” Claire joins along in your giggle fit. “I heard from Jared the Jessica found him texting other girls and won’t have sex with him for ‘punishment,’” she puts air quotes around the latter word.

You smirk. “Speaking of Jared, what embarrassing yet super hilarious thing happened between the two of you,” you inquire, using the same words she used in the text.

“How did you know it was about Jared?” she asked with a furrowed brow

“Because it’s always about Jared!” you exclaimed jokingly, causing her to throw a piece of her lunch at you that you just barely dodged. “And if it isn’t about Jared, it’s about Grey’s Anatomy, and I know you haven’t been watching it because you’re always with Jared.”

Claire rolls her eyes, although she knows everything you said is completely true. She continues to lament about a doctor almost catching her and Jared in bed. And although you’ve almost completely tuned her out, the bright smile on her face as she talks about her new beau is enough to make you grin.


It’s going on 9 p.m. when you’re ready to leave. Normally, you get off around four or five, but you decided to catch up on the paperwork you didn’t finish when you were late that morning (and then some). The rain is still as strong as it was when you first got to the hospital.

Shaun was sitting by the door in the waiting room chairs. He was by himself, fidgeting with his umbrella as he stared off into nothing. Although he was blankly looking off into the hospital, you knew his mind was probably racing with thoughts. You neared closer to him and his eyes lit up as he noticed your presence. He stood to greet you.

“Hello,” you say for almost the billionth time to him that day. “You almost ready to head out?” 

He nods, looking at the forrest green coloured umbrella in his hands. There is a moment of silence before he decides to speak again, “I noticed you didn’t have an umbrella when I saw you this morning, so I thought I’d wait for you so you wouldn’t have to get wet.”

The beaming smile that tugged at your lips couldn’t be stopped, although you tried secrete it by biting your lip. Your heart swells at the kind act. “You didn’t have to do that! How long have you been waiting?”

“An hour and three minutes, I was counting the seconds to pass time,” he explained and you inwardly ‘awe’ at how completely and utterly adorable he was.

“Well, thank you for waiting. Do you want to…?” you trailed off pointing towards the door.

He nodded and once you’re outside, he opens the umbrella. It wasn’t exactly wide enough for the two of you to fit under comfortably. You had to squeeze tightly, shoulder to shoulder to insure neither of you would get wet from the rain. 

The walk is completely silent aside from the pitter-patter of droplets that hit against the umbrella. It wasn’t the weird, awkward silence that often came when people had nothing to say; it was comfortable and nice. Neither of you said anything because there was nothing to say. Forcing conversation would only make it weird for the both of you.

“This is me,” you tell him, pointing to your car. The two of you stopped at the driver side door, you turned to face him. “Thank you for walking me.”

“You’re welcome,” Shaun replies with a smile, looking up at the night sky.

“I hope you get this job, tomorrow,” you tell him wholeheartedly. “You deserve it more than most of the people here.”

He nods as you get into your car.

“See you,” you say with a smile before shutting the car door and driving off.

Shaun stays in the spot for a bit after you leave. He’d only known you for a few hours and you’d already shown him more kindness than anyone in his entire life, really. The doctor stands there, admiring the rain that falls around him. His eyes follow the red lights of your car as it leaves the parking lot. 

“See you.”

title: Mine Now

author: aclosetlarryshipper

word count: 32k

After Harry is expelled from private school, he joins a secret competition to get back at the boy who made it happen.


This is the story of how Harry finds himself pouting in Louis’ passenger seat with a raging boner on the way to seduce his ex boyfriend.


The official trailer for the third installment in the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series, The Ship of the Dead, is finally here– and it’s the most hilarious trailer you have ever seen in your life. xD Watch the video above and get ready for the release of the book tomorrow!

Garcia Flynn. Question his methods, but don’t doubt his motives for a second. For @qqueenofhades - this is all your fault!  Tagging @garciiaflynn as well.