hilary duff: the concert

i think the most innocent and pure thing i’ve ever done was when i was 12 and my friends and i were going to a hilary duff concert and we wanted to bring a sign and i was like ‘why don’t we make a sign that says ‘say hi’ so she will see the sign and say hi to us’ and the four other 12 year olds i was attending the concert with were like “HELL FUCKIN YEAH HILARY DUFF IS GONNA SAY HI TO US I CAN ALREADY TASTE THE FAME!!!!!”

so we spent like 2 hours crafting this 2 x 2 sign on flimsy cardboard with yellow and blue paint that said “SAY HI!” and we just thought it was the most original and creative idea ever and on the way to the venue we were discussing how cool it would be when she saw our sign and how everyone around us would be jealous but then we got there and realised that there were 13 thousand other people in attendance and we were way up the back of the tiered seating and she probably could not even see past the end of her microphone so it was unlikely that her vision would stretch towards the back of the arena to notice the 5 preteen girls who had spent a few naive hours concocting a foolproof plan to get noticed by her 

anyway we soldiered on and tried to hold the poster up nonetheless but these drunk teenagers behind us kept telling us to put it down so SHOCKINGLY she never ended up saying hi to us and then when i got home from the concert i cried because i realised i would never be friends with hilary duff and that’s the day i lost my innocence


Hilary Duff - Sparks (Live at KISS Concert 2015)


Hilary Duff performing ‘Come Clean’ at Kiss 108′s Kiss Concert


Hilary Duff - Come Clean (Live at KISS Concert 2015)

me: *finds out Hilary Duff is at the Taylor Swift concert*

me: *blasts ‘This Is What Dreams Are Made Of*

me: *realizes I’m not at the show*

me: *cries*