Thank you! That’s very nice, and I–


…We done?

Cool! Well, it’s my birthday today, so I better provide those requested 142 facts about myself (42…), categorized as best as possible.

[I am sorry for the delay in replying to a lot of questions, but work and studies have to be top priority.]

Now to find, what, 142 people to tag? Oh, no, 190…

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bad-bitcheryy-deactivated201511  asked:

Explain your writing tag to me because I too would like to keep all of my writing in one place

;u; okay well

on my old blog I didn’t have that little drop-down menu I do on this layout, so I made it via a link on the about section. basically, I always tag my fics as “drabble". then, if you want to link people to your writing tag as a whole (via url) you would put the code

< a href=“http://your blog name here.tumblr.com/tagged/name of tag for fics” target=“_blank”> the title of your writing tag

and then every fic that is tag as that “nameoftagforfics" will show up on that page.

so my html there is

< a href=“http://ab-so-lutely cancerous .tumblr.com/tagged/drabble” target=“_blank”> writing tag so then you can just look at my writing tag an not hop around ;o;

hope this helps dokbfvd it is very hard to explain html coding I just kind of do it and hope it works more often than not.

edit ok so html codes will apparently let me put any shit into them I want and won’t stay as goddamn codes.

alright nvm it worked but basically when you code do not put ANY spaces if you have a space somewhere you use a dash ok