rroobi  asked:

Hi Bean! I absolutely adore your mp100 AUs! I want to ask about the college AU one, would there be an instance where Teru and Mob's relationship revealed to others aside from Reigen/Ritsu (they were the only two who knew... right?) IF SO HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN is it like a shock for everyone or if no one actually blinks an eyelash or if it's revealed to one person first then gradually everyone or like a big boom to everyone at one moment ok I hope you enjoy procrastinating!!!!

the revelation happens one by one!! the first one to find out was takenaka. he met teru by passing then they talk because for some reason teru knows takenaka but takenaka does not know teru????

he talks to shigeo about this at one of their friend dates and shigeo off-handedly says that teru’s his boyfriend and takenaka’s like “you’re dating a blond????!!”

shou was the next one to find out and he felt so betrayed bcos “i thought we were bros!!!!!!!!!”. in teru’s defense, “you never asked!!!!!” shou never asked. shou found out one day when shigeo visited teru in their shared-apartment. he was innocently sitting on the couch watching his soaps then when teru was saying goodbye to shigeo at the door they??? just????? kissed???? like????? wtf????????????  

shou told tome then tome told mezato then mezato told everyone.

i just feel like teru and mob’s relationship will be really low key because they would prefer to show grand displays of affection in the privacy of their own homes and they wouldn’t really be in your face about it?? BUT!!! once you find out you can never unsee how sweet they are to each other oh my gosh