hilariously rude way to talk to your parents

kibumkeychain  asked:

Hanamiya, Imayoshi, Hara, Midorima, Hyuuga, Ogiwara when they meet their s/o parents for the first time, please. Sorry, if it to much, and I love your blog ^^

not at all and thank you sweets ;)

HANAMIYA: Surprisingly, Hanamiya’s IQ would impress them especially since he would know how to use that smooth tongue of his to sweet-talk his way through. However, no one could ever miss that devious smile of his and questioned you whether you were still innocent or whether you had been ‘preyed upon’. But he knows not to be completely rude to your parents.

HARA: Hara’s bubblegum habits bothered your parents endlessly but they let him be because he was hilarious to talk to. Hara had plenty of funny stories to tell and, although your parents couldn’t appreciate his sarcasm at times, he was entertaining enough to distract them away from the fact that his hand kept working on you underneath the dining table. They never knew until this day.

HYUUGA: To your parents, Hyuuga’s credentials seem good enough with his starting up the basketball team and being captain and also his pretty decent grades. He would be very awkward and try to laugh a lot in the beginning until you started teasing him that your family started laughing at him instead. But Hyuuga’s generally polite because he’s already used to meeting older people like Riko’s dad.

IMAYOSHI: Imayoshi is not known as the master manipulator for nothing. He was sweet and polite, greeting your mother with a bouquet of flowers and talking work with your father. He knew how convince them that he was the right man for you. In the end, he just asked whether it was alright for him to be dating you. Not so surprisingly, your parents said yes and even hinted at marriage. Obviously, he was beyond pleased.

MIDORIMA: [Okay I’m going to cheat here since I did a short piece on it for AO3, which you can read here!]

OGIWARA: This bubbly and adorable guy would wow your parents in no time. With his cheerfulness and enthusiasm, not to mention his support for you in everything you do. Ogiwara would tease you often that your parents couldn’t resist and pull out your old baby albums. Your boyfriend would go crazy over it. When it came to an end, you were relieved, until your parents brought up marriage. Shit.