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Flockie, I always want to hear your hilariously irreverent but always incisive take on things. There's a split between actions and words w/ SC, but how long do we hear them deny deny deny and not think that *maybe* they're telling the truth? And what roles do the entertainment industry/journalism/PR play in all this? Why do they say "obviously" we're not together when there's nothing "obvious" about it? I could go for days w/ these whys.

Since they’ve recently gone relatively super public after being super private, I’ll once again make a sweeping gesture toward Kit Harington and Rose Leslie from GOT. They were off/on for four-plus years and have only just recently decided that they are privately and professionally in a place where they feel like revealing more of their personal life together. 

It is extremely common for celebs to mislead us for a variety of reasons that range from privacy to PR to TPTB wanting them to be marketable in a certain way. A lot of what you read/see/hear is manufactured in some way and designed to be packaged and received very specifically. The idea is for the general public to accept the overall story and to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to those who don’t. 

As always with these two, I find the denials to be entirely unnecessary. They are always heavy-handed and out of place. There’s a reason celebs don’t shoot down every single rumor about them; because it casts a huge spotlight on the topic and perpetuates the talk. So whatever they, the network or their camps are trying to accomplish, it’s ham-fisted and hasn’t worked so far, but it’s the only arrow in a quiver that, if everything is as they say, shouldn’t even be necessary to continually carry. 

'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Star Rachel Bloom is Writing a Book
‘I can’t wait to write this sordid tell-all book in which I plan to put my enemies on blast and, on the flip side, elevate those who are loyal to me to the status of gods among men.&#82…

Rachel Bloom, the co-creator and star of the CW’s cheeky musical series, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, will publish her first book with Grand Central Publishing.

According to the publisher, the yet-untitled book will contain “hilarious, irreverent, and deeply relatable personal essays, fictional stories, poems, opinions, and more.” Though to hear Bloom tell it, readers may be in for something far more epic…

“I can’t wait to write this sordid tell-all book in which I plan to put my enemies on blast and, on the flip side, elevate those who are loyal to me to the status of gods among men,” Bloom says in a release. “You will learn about my 15 divorces, multiple lip transplants and all the details of that fateful night I whispered to George R.R. Martin, ‘What if you wrote a thing about royalty and zombies and it was also super cold?’ When this book appears on shelves, only the worthy may read it; the rest who dare lay eyes on even the introduction will instantly melt into the earth. Also, there may be an embarrassing story about my period, LOL :)”

Bloom’s book is tentatively scheduled for a Spring 2019 release.

July 10th is the anniversary of Nikola Tesla’s birthday, and a day when fans across the world celebrate his contributions to science and modern life. This irreverent but hilarious tribute to the man is the 6th entry in the award-winning Drunk History video series by Jeremy Konner and Derek Waters. It premiered in the shorts competition in the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, but a different Drunk History episode about Douglass & Lincoln took home the jury prize. 

“On January 7, Duncan Trussell drank a six-pack of beer … then a half a bottle of absinthe … and then he discussed a historical event.”


 Matt Lucas hosts and he is absolutely the most hilariously irreverent narrator - i’m on episode 2 and so far he has made such completely straight-faced jokes as:

  • making Frozen references
  • bitching periodically about how much he wants a panini
  • “this female polar is with cub, or, as the experts say, ‘knocked up’“
  • “what do you mean you didn’t get the footage of the bear eating you were out there for a month?!”
  • criticizing Mother Nature for adhering too rigidly to gender stereotypes
  • insisting on referring to Pikas as Pikachus
  • “my producer likes otters, so that’s why there’s much more footage of otters than is strictly necessary” 

and of course all the footage is just as GORGEOUS as you would expect from BBC, and the contrast between all the natural majesty and the tongue-in-cheek humor makes it all the funnier. this is absolutely a delight please watch it if you can (it’s on Netflix!)

Just saw the Lego Batman movie. Aside from the first 5 or so minutes that I missed, it was great. [light spoilers ahead]

There were so many women in positions of power, there was a joke about Batman not paying his taxes (cough cough cheeto man), and all the important points needed in a Batman movie were covered.

Barbara Gordon was so cool. I didn’t know how happy it would make me to hear her called Commissioner Gordon (and even ‘Comish). She was badass and acted as a bit of a reality check for Batman’s loner/uncooperative tendencies (isn’t Rosario Dawson always the reality check for superheroes though?). 

Also they managed a decent portrayal of Batman and Joker’s character dynamics. The movie both mocked and indulged the idea of sexual tension between the two. My favorite moment was when Joker annoyed Batman by finishing his sentences, saying that he’s inside Batman’s head and understands him. A wonderful way of getting at the whole ‘what’s the difference between the bat and his foes’ theme, all while being hilariously immature and irreverent (and maybe a little meta). Before this scene (where Batman visits Joker in Arkham), Robin kicks one of the doctors, saying “take that Alan”. Alan Moore easter egg, anyone? My friend guessed that the easter egg edits on youtube will be really long, and I definitely can’t wait to see what other references I missed.

hey friends!

There is a NEW FRIEND! Her name is Helen @jhelenoftrek and she was lured over from AO3, where she has been posting awesome fics and leaving kind comments, by the promise of a functioning PM system. She is also on FF.net and VAMB so I know some of you know her ( @cheile !) Oh, and she is a JCer, which I know will ingratiate her to a lot of y’all nerds ;)

I wanted to make introductions, as it were, and ask if there is anything she should know about the Voyager scene on Tumblr that I missed…I told her about JC Monday, Janeway Tuesday, Chakotay Wednesday/ChakoDAY, and Torres Thursday ^_^

Also–more generally, can anyone find one of those Guide to Tumblr type posts that tell you everything that isn’t super obvious, but important to the general Tumblr experience? Like, ask memes, fyeah/confession/etc blogs, when to tag your posts, all that jazz. I ~know~ there are some floating around!

Hmmm so. @emmikamikatze you might know?? from VAMB and is a wonderful goofball with a great since of humor (and a fantastic writer, as khurst)! @joyful-voyager is also a fantastic writer and a passionate JCer who has been shipping it since the show aired. @danakatherinejaneway lives with Boo-Boo, The World’s Most Beautiful Cat, and writes lovely JC (and occasional JT?) hurt/comfort, fluff, and humor. @mylittleredgirl (who has a Chief Canine Officer) has been in the fandom 5ever and knows everything; her long tag essays and general hilariousness are not to be missed.

@supernovacoffee is a kind and sparkly person who will be excited with u about all things Voyager. @fbismostunwanted1158 writes wonderful JC fics (I love her medical drama stories ;) @rawkfemme just started writing fics yay!!! and is a v cool person with a “Parenting Is…” blog feature (see you’re not the only Real Adult)! @justhere4coffee isn’t solely a Voyager blog but they’re a fantastically kind person with a drolly amusing tagging system, and reblog lots of pictures of cute rats. @capt-nyc writes the. darkest. angstiest. JC. fics. sweet holy mother of deanna. prepare to  w e e p (as LittleObsessions on AO3) and is a lovely friendly person!

@relentless-fire reblogs an awesome stream of Janeway content; if you like KJ her blog is the place for you. @the-bookwyrm is very much multifandom but also the nicest person ever so I can’t not include them. ;) @crisisenvy does UNBELIEVABLY amazing Janeway and Voyager digital art. @cxionbonan is a sweetheart and has an amazing puppy named Delta Hillary. @ersosandor writes amazing, AMAZING Voyager meta. @captainandhercorgi (as you might guess from her url) reblogs an exquisite mixture of Star Trek, memes, and corgis. @roslin makes the BEST gifs (lots of Battlestar Galactica content, also probably clear by url ;) @risiansunrise (the mastermind behind @tomparisalbum ) is laid-back and funny and has great tags!

I’m UNDOUBTEDLY forgetting wonderful people I know who are into Voyager–nothing personal and please reply and say hi if I missed u  ♥

And finally, ds9vgrconfessions is where people submit anonymous confessions. @pixiedane does HILARIOUS irreverent (but actually secretly very reverent) photo episode recaps of Voyager. And, @tomparisalbum is Tom Paris’s photo album (worth a look trust me).

Perched smack-bang on the top of the list of “Wonderful Underrated VideoGames that Sorely Deserve a Remake or a Remaster or a Sequel or a Something But Will Never Get One” list is 2000′s No One Lives Forever. Made by Monolith Productions (the studio behind the F.E.A.R games), there was talk recently of remastering and re-releasing their irreverent and hilarious first-person shooter series but it quickly became apparent that no one knows who owns the rights to the NOLF franchise and it seems that it will remain in limbo forever. A real shame because NOLF and its indomitable protagonist Cate Archer are some of the greatest unsung treasures in gaming. Bum-badee-dum-bum-ba-dee-dum.

I often only download Tinder when I’m visiting home. It’s funny to see who from my graduating high school class is on the app, and since my hometown is near a large university, I love to scope out all of the frat dude profiles. They’re hilarious. So last summer, I spent the entirety of it working at summer camps in my hometown. I made good money, but I was bored out of my mind. It sucks to be a college student stuck at home. A good 2/3’s through the summer, I stumble upon the profile of this kid named Stephen. I don’t even remember anything striking about his profile, besides the fact that my friends would have rolled their eyes at him and said “Oh he’s soooo your type.” (They were right: tall, blonde, glasses, wavey hair, dorky grin. Swoon.)

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Ten Reasons Why I Love Melissa McBride

1. She’s not Carol, but no other actress on this planet could be Carol. It’s confusing, right?

2. She somehow manages to be hilariously irreverent and wrong and yet incomparably classy at the same time. A rare and magical skill.

3. She can do more with a glance than most actors can do with a ten page monologue and bunch of hysterical body motions.

4. When she laughs, I laugh, and when she cries, I cry. (Bonus points if you’re anywhere near old enough to have just started singing “Hands Across America” in your head.)

5. She busts her ass working for amazing causes, all the while drawing exactly zero percent attention to herself for doing so.

6. She adores animals.

7. She’s singlehandedly created (and actually saved the fictional life of) a character who is now an iconic symbol for domestic abuse survivors and those who are struggling to become domestic abuse survivors.

8. She laughs at herself. All the time.

9. She never fails to respond to press questions – even the most ridiculous, pathetic press questions – with grace and class.

10. She makes all of her costars gush hopelessly about her, and she’s not even trying.

Bonus 11. Like, have you seen Melissa McBride?