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Honestly I'd like for the current hiatus of Su to prolong even further for I am mighty interested in seeing a new record set this time around, being that the level of fucks the network gives towards said program is hilarious. Also because the stans deserve it.


Oh man.. I’m really missing Radio Misty.. I really miss this two together in that loud and hilarious radio program. It was my only companion when I was finishing my Programming Project.. I really miss the lively Yuu-tan’s fooling around with Hiro-tan. They’re like my favorite seiyuu buddies even more than OnoD & HiroC. Listening to them gave me the energy to continue my work even without sleep. Maaaan.. I’m so miserable cause the PC that had my complete audio collection of Radio Misty broke, I had no other back-up, and I’ve already forgotten the source where I found those precious collection of mp3 files..

Do you guys have any idea where to find a complete audio collection of ‘Shimono Hiro to Kaji Yuki no Radio Misty’ radio program? If I remembered correctly, someone uploaded them on Mediafire, but I can’t remember the link anymore..

FIC: Alex Garcia is so done with your bullshit, or the one where Kagami and Kuroko are married as fuck.

Title: Alex Garcia is so done with your bullshit, or the one where Kagami and Kuroko are married as fuck.
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Kagami/Kuroko
Summary: When Alex came to Japan she expected many things; Godzilla, giant robots and girls fighting monsters in school uniforms. Sadly, none of these happened. What she met was way more irritating and cute.
Word Count: 3640
A/N: Filling my own headcanon, because I am the lamest ever. Also what the fuck is this title.

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WATCH: Amazing Way To Combat Idea It's Inappropriate For Kids To Be Exposed To Queer People

An incredible new web series has hit the Internet that seeks to break down the stigma sometimes associated with LGBT people being involved in the lives of children. With three episodes currently available, “Sez Me” is a hilarious, family-friendly program hosted by drag queen Charmin Ultra.

if you don't think space travel is very interesting, buddy have i got news for you

There was a time on apollo 10 when somebody made a poop and it was floating around the cabin and nobody would fess up who did it, who did the poo.

ALSO, there was a time on apollo 16 while the lunar module was sitting on the moon’s surface when the commander and lmp were talking about farts and it was being broadcast to the ENTIRE WORLD.

buddy, space travel is HILARIOUS.

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What is Welcome To Our Village, Please Invade Carefully ?


the first season has everything you could want: town meetings, a failed alien attempt to replicate the local pub, a game of cricket, a powerpoint presentation about the cost of invasion, a sentient computer yelling at a somewhat less sentient printer, a sabotaged wind turbine, a ground beef statue of a young child (with celery fingernails)…

oh, and the completely adorkable katrina lyons and her ongoing mission to ruin the plans of the hilariously inept and smug field commander uljabaan — or to at least preserve shakespeare from the geonin invasion, even if that means combining his complete works into a mere three plays