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Here’s an unfortunate story for you: Last year my sister got a puppy and named it Pre after the runner Steve Prefontaine. Now I don’t think I can introduce her to game grumps because it would ruin her dog’s name as it has for me (see every instance of someone shouting “I’m gonna pre, dude”). At the time I wanted to say something but I didn’t know how

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Basically you're saying being stupid is fine and nothing's wrong with it and that people pointing out stupidity are automatically ableist and that it's wrong. Are you just an insecure person that always gets called stupid, and you know you're stupid so now you're getting all defensive? Seems like it. What is your mind for, God's gift, if you wont utilize it properly? What are you even living for? Yes some people are just really slow, but that doesn't excuse them from trying to be better.

i’m sorry i have to publish this y’all i just think that the fact that anybody would think this message is remotely insulting is laughable.

somebody was so bitter that they typed this out.

they took an attribute (intelligence) i clearly do not think is valuable in regard to a person’s worth, and tried to make me feel like i as a person am worth less.

how misguided and petty can one be at the same time?

Why Topaz is kidnapping humans
  • Topaz: "He who controls the humans controls homeworld. And I? I AM THAT 'HE'!"
  • Jamie: "You're a dude?"
  • Topaz: *Groan*

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Is this true Sebstan is a transman? I read in other blog he born woman and he started the transition to man in Vienna.

Dear Troll,

                 Now that I have dried up all the DA FUQ gifs that I could find on the internet, let me answer your ‘question.’ No Seb is not a transman… but he has a secret it’s time to tell the whole world what it is

Actually Seb is an alien.  His starship crashed in Romania in 1982. He has since taken the appearance of a sexy human being

His name is E.T and his main purpose in life is to impregnate women at fan conventions so that they and their children can survive the next apocalypse.

Got your answer?

Now get the fuck out of my blog.

Sincerely not yours,

Sexy actors opinions moderator.

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Maybe the reason you get messages like that is because you're a shitty person.

Lmao, this is hilarious.

Dude, you’re literally the same ‘anon’ again but using mobile and I already know who you are. You’re the only person that ever sends me hate.