hilarious statuses

straight people find the idea of being in a gay relationship so fucking knee-slappingly hilarious; “hacked” facebook statuses proclaiming “i’m gay lol” are the highest form of humor in their community, as well as being “in a relationship” with their same gender friend, that is the stuff that tickles them to no end “oh my heavens!” said straight larry, wiping a tear from his eye “please, mike, insinuate that we are a homosexual couple rather than heterosexual chums again, what a rollicking good time!!” are they okay 

rockyroadkylers  asked:

I was playing the Sims today, and my Sim can't afford a piano yet so I was playing the one at the museum, and someone tipped her for playing really bad piano and, like, look, she's poor, not desperate. It was the funniest thing ever. She's got a career in social media, so I'm considering giving her a tumblr and having it be like a normal blog, rather than a simblr with story-line legacies and stuff. Should I? I kind of want to. I have hilarious "statuses" piling up in my phone notes.