hilarious running commentary

What I love to see in Academy era Spuhura fics...

– adorkably awkward walks across campus

– adorkably awkward office hours & labs

– running into each other at the gym / on a run / at the pool

– their first meal outside the mess (or hastily consumed fare in said office)

– the first time Nyota ends up in Spock’s quarters because reasons

– the first trip out of town (extra points if it’s for a competition)

– the first training mission (Spock supervises it, Nyota excels or gets hurt, extra points if both)

– Spock visiting Nyota in the hospital

– Nyota visiting Spock in the hospital

– Spock randomly turning up at one of Nyota’s recitals or concerts

– Nyota randomly turning up at a reception at the Vulcan embassy

– arguing over xenolinguistic esoterica in any of the above contexts

– unasked-for but nonetheless hilarious running commentary courtesy of Gaila

– Kirk and Bones bringing the funny (and being present in the fic, of course)

– Chekov secretly shipping it

– Sulu giving one or both romantic advice

– sweet world changing first kisses

– cataclysmic first times

– going at it like rabbits behind the scenes with none the wiser

– no one (except Gaila) having a clue at how hot they eventually become behind closed doors

– in fact, everyone around is so clueless that they have no clue that Nyota’s practically moved in with Spock (because she strategically sleeps in the dorm enough to keep up appearances, with Gaila as accomplice)

– and there has to be Amanda. Wonderful, brilliant, mama extraordinaire Amanda. In AOS, she’s only alive during the Academy days. She needs to be in any long fic where she can plausibly fit in. Give me all the Amanda ever…

– …because I live for Amanda, who is One of Us. You know the woman would’ve totally shipped S/U.