hilarious guys

I had no idea saying “Hey man” to someone means they are in love.

the weirdest things honestly happen in my school like back in the spring, this guy in my grade randomly started selling these seafood restaurant jackets for $3 and everyone started buying and wearing them to school. the administrators even had to ban him from selling it on school grounds at one point


Reasons to Love AmazingPhil

#166: “I usually eat gummy bears two at a time because they need a friend when they’re dying.” 

If Peter Capaldi’s run as the Doctor could be summed up in one phrase it would be, “All of Peter Capaldi’s boyhood dreams came true.”

IMDBboat Interview  SDCC 17 - highlight

Peter Capaldi talking about how he hasn’t sworn in 4 years because he thought it’d be inappropriate as Doctor Who. Then he’s like but I’ve left now.

Kevin Smith flipping out because he wants Peter to unleash Malcolm

Steven shaking head and saying “Don’t do it now, Peter! Once Jodie takes over you will be released!”

Peter then commenting how he’ll call Kevin Smith on Boxing day to swear at him. Not Christmas day since it would still be inappropriate.


George Bush trying to put on a rain mac was the only part of the Inauguration worth watching