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Tag Yourself as 18th Century Art Movements


  • read Percy Jackson & now thinks they know everything abt Ancient Greece
  • probably owns a sword or two
  • really dramatic but like. silently.
  • likes to stand on things to be impressive


  • runs a pastel fashion blog
  • probably a secret weeaboo??
  • snapchat story is full of the dog filter and pictures of picnics
  • adorable but hella fragile


  • *dramatically looks into rainstorm* Life… is meaningless
  • didn’t get the memo that being emo isn’t in anymore
  • probably an english major
  • claims to like thunderstorms but will 100% hide under the bed when it thunders


  • that loud and obnoxious kid in your class. u know the one.
  • claims to be the perfect christian
  • really dramatic and definitely not silently
  • will climb onto dangerous things just to be taller than Neoclassicism

Adorable & Hilarious Animal Drawings by Simpsons Illustrator

Liz Climo is a talented artist who has worked for the famous Simpsons series. Currently working as an illustrator and storyboard revisionist for the Simpsons, this artist uses minimal drawings of animals in unlikely friendships with a humorous and endearing twist to their tales. You can buy her prints on Society6.

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we’re just a lie away from proving to ourselves we’re not afraid. - 5/3/17

for my own silly little celebration for landing back home from my vacation, here’s three gif headers anyone is free to choose from and use with credit appreciated but not needed. ☆

merry christmas from nina and benny!!!

(((alternatively, if youre not celebrating, heres benny using a seasonal plant to get kisses from his favourite lady)))

💚 They just love hate each other so much ( ॣ•͈૦•͈ ॣ) 💛