So, yesterday after work.....

I met mom at Catherine’s (plus size women store) to help her pick out some new clothes. I had given her a gift card on Mothers Day that she still hadn’t used.

Anyways, this is the store I got 90% of my clothes from between high school and college. Walking around the store last night helping her pick out things to try on I realized that every thing in the store would be way to big on me. I was just amazed because I had spent so much money there in the past and it was my go to store. I couldn’t get over how big everything looked and how even the smallest size was to over sized for me. It was kinda like a another realization of my hard work.

Also, I picked out some tank tops for mom for work, and she said what am I going to wear with them. She said she couldn’t wear the short things I wear. I said, what the shrugs? Mom then said ugh don’t use that word it sounds like you’re referring to a mans private area.

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Oh mom!