Dullenas don’t tolerate hashtags, opinions under their edits… if you reblog a gifset about Kat Graham created by one of them adding hashtags with an opinion different from theirs (like if you love Bonnie Bennett as a character and you don’t like the idea of her death and u add this thought in your hashtag) and especially if you are a Bamon Shipper…  you can’t! Before reblogging edits on Tumblr you have to pay attention. If you don’t, they will surely read your hashtags under their edits because the Big Dullena Eye is watching you and they will offend you a lot (as always) saying only at the end of their long rant that they are superior and they will ignore u forever… sure, Jan!

They know precisely the nicknames of the Bamon Shippers and they still pretend not to be affected by the Bamon fandom! Amazing! LOL