I was searching for other Scarecrow mods and mesh swaps when I stumbled upon this video showcasing Scarecrow as a playable character in GTA V. I’ve never laughed as hard as I did while watching this! He spends the entire video setting fire to everything and everyone in his sights, walking away from explosions like the badass professor he is.

I love it.

  • Teacher: Here's the REAL Cinderella story...and there wasn't a fairy godmother. She had a tree-a magical tree.
  • Male Student: NO!
  • Teacher: YES! And guess who it was. Her dead mother!
  • Male Student: NO!!
  • Teacher: Yes!! And she had to shake the tree and her dress and slippers fell down.
  • Male Student: NO!!!
  • Teacher: YES!!! She had to walk to the palace, no pumpkin car for her, and the ball was 3 days, not one night.
  • Male Student: NO!!!!
  • Teacher: YES!!!! And when they were looking for the shoes' owner the first step sister cut off her pinkie toe. And when the prince was taking her to his horse, birds came and sang, "Look at the blood. She isn't who you're looking for."
  • Male Student: NO!!!!!
  • Teacher: YES!!!!! And the second step sister cut off her heal to fit into the shoe, and when the prince took her to his horse the birds came back, "Look at the blood. She isn't who you're looking for."
  • Male Student: NO!!!!!!
  • Teacher: YES!!!!!! And when the Prince finally found the real Cinderella, the birds flew down and killed the step mother and sisters. Then the Prince and Cinderella got married.
  • Male Student: NO!!!!!!!
  • Teacher: YES!!!!!!!