A friend of mine plays TS3 and she has this crazy Harry Potter neighborhood where all sorts of drama and hilarity ensue, so of course I thought it’d be fun to throw a bunch of HP characters into a hood in TS2 and see how it goes.


“For fun” turned into me getting waaaaaayyy more invested than I originally thought (of course). To the point where I spent two nights downloading custom cc and spent hours in body shop making Sims, hair retextures, and even a clothing rexture. And of course I’m nowhere near finished.

send help

theothrer2  asked:

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil?

Literally my all time favorite horror comedy. Actually, my all time favorite comedy period.

You will never find a film more funny than Tucker and Dale vs. Evil and I can’t sing its praise enough.

I could say so much more, but I don’t need to. Just watch this film and love it, people. It’s pure hilarity.

Also, huge Tyler Labine fan here. Loved him ever since I first saw him in Reaper and Invasion.

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hey, what's Monster Factory?

it’s only the greatest thing in the wooorld~

what it actually is well Justin and Griffin McElroy use games with customizable character creation to create magnificent monster children and then they play the games to some degree of success and hilarity.

basically it’s really fun and the episodes are about 20-30 mins long so it’s a nice way to kill the time and also die laughing :”D 

i think the Fallout 4 episode arc with The Final Pam is their most popular and it’s a good place to start if you’re interested 

(if you end up liking the mcelroy kind of humor, griffin also does Car Boys with nick robinson on the same channel and its p much just them fucking around in a car simulator but its great, esp if you like seeing things get destroyed in creative ways)

missparker replied to your post: i love that serena took a day off and bernie…

maybe Serena and Cam were off having step-mother/step-son bonding day…at the pub.

High on the list of sideplots I want: Cameron, Bernie, and Serena get into a three-way ill-advised bet that they can go without their vices of choice (alcohol, cigarettes, Shiraz) for two weeks. Hilarity ensues. Morven doesn’t know what hit her when she earnestly congratulates them on choosing a Healthier Lifestyle. Albie’s has a critical decline in revenue. They keep pushing annoying cases at each other to push the others closer to the edge. Serena slips Cameron $10 and a pack of cigarettes to try and get Bernie to crack first. (“You’re PAYING my son to take up smoking!?”) AAU is in disarray. They agree to call a truce, but Jason is playing umpire and won’t let them cheat. 


Life Advice with Fargo’s Martin Freeman