hilari younger

How I convinced my younger sister to watch Miraculous
  • Me: *watching Miraculous on TV, it's being aired in a kid channel to 4y/o*
  • Sister: Why do you watch that kid show?
  • Me: I like it. Sure the dub changed a lot of things, but overall still like it the story.
  • Sister: *rolls her eyes*
  • Me: You should watch too.
  • Sister: *looking at me with a "are you for real?" face*
  • Me: I'm serious. I mean the original one, with subs.
  • Sister: And why is that?
  • Me: Because You're trying to learn french and the original show is in french.
  • Sister: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Sister: *making a "CRAP, SHE'S DOES HAVE A POINT" face*
  • ME: I'll send you the link later.

I’ve gotten over the fact that I’m not going to have a baby that’s close in age with Luca. It sucked when everyone would be like, ‘When are you having another?’ I’d be like, “Do you know what’s happening right now? I’m not having another.” You get engaged: 'When’s the wedding?’ You get married: “When’s the baby?” You have a baby: 'When’s the next one?’ … I’m cherishing the now. Besides, watch: I’ll probably get some evil spawn of Hilary the next time around.