Case files #12
Downtown with Daniel

This week I was lucky enough to get my hands on some Daniel Patrick Roamers , a shoe I’ve plotting on for a while now . Along with the shoes , I got my hands on the low crotch denim as well. I decided to attempt a lighter color with this outfit. It’s been a while since I’ve wore white shoes , so why not ?

I linked up with my amazing friend /photographer @hikrutphotography for some killer shots . I must say over all I would highly recommend the Roamers in your collection. Thanks again to the Fam at Daniel Patrick and @hikrutphotography for the amazing images 🙏🏼

Okay guys! This is the last one for tonight (sorry to everyone for flooding your dash) and no doubt one of my favorites! There are more and you can head over to the Hi, Krut Photography page on Facebook to check them out if you can’t wait! Thanks!


The Wonder Years

Theater of Living Arts - April 19th - Philadelphia, Pa