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Pattern is available on Ravelry here.

The biggest challenge with this square was figuring out how to do the eye without adding a third color. I quite like how this turned out.

Also, I’m blown away by the fact that there just HAPPENED to be a shade of purple that was the exact right color in the yarn that I’m using.


I finished my Rainbow Fish cowl!

The name comes because the quilted pattern reminds me of fish scales, and my son currently loves the book by Marcus Ffister.

I love the colors. The colorful Wild Child yarn by @blacksheepgoods provides a perfect background to the blue Hikoo. Both knit up to a soft, sproingy fabric that I can’t wait to wear. Or gift to some very lucky person. I haven’t decided yet.

Pattern: Diamonds Go Around Infinity Cowl by Alisha Broberg
Yarn: Wild Child by @blacksheepgoods and HiKoo by skacel Simplinatural


WIPs for December!

1) Quilted Stitch cowl with @blacksheepgoods Wild Child and Hikoo’s Simplinatural

2) little cardigan using Shibui Sock and Madelinetosh Sock

3) Creature Comforts Cardi using Madelinetosh Vintage

Now that I have the cowl pattern established (and I love it!), I’m going back to finish the little cardigan first. I’m so close! I just need to finish the yoke and knit the button band.