Salzkammergut-Berge / Ebensee Weekend

Tour for a weekend in case weather forecast is looking that way:

First Day:

Starting point in our case is Vienna, Westbahnhof. 

I’m preparing for bad weather which means, warm clothes, nice shoes and really important wool socks from the Bulgairan awesome grandmas in Stranja

We are going to arrive at 14:44h on Ebensee Station. After some organisation and orientation the destination is: 

Rieder Hütte, 1.765 m

External image

There are different ways to get there. For the first day we are going to take the longer way, which is 4:30h walking from Langwies. 

For the second day the weater forcast is pretty rainy (see above), so there is nice way down with a cable car witch is on 1:40h hikking from the hut. 

The old version back in 1927…

(if you are interested in the history of the lift click on the image):

and now:

after the probably wet day we are going to travel back with the train, direction home. 

More info for the landscape is following in 2 days =)

After a week working, studding and traveling for a 5 days: 

This place was amazing I recommend it every one who love nature, view and panoramas on 360 degrees. 

On the first day we discovered the views from that not to high but still beautiful mountain Höhlengebirge to the Totes Gebirge and partly Dachstein. At the hut we were alone, it was quiet at 10 o'clock it started to rain (so nice to sleep during it’s raining)

The next day you remember the BAD Forecast ?

Eh, it was WINTER on the next day. Everything covered with 15cm snow, foggy weather, nothing left from the nice views from the previous day. Enjoying the difference and trying to find the way back, we were very happy from that trip in the nature. 

Thank you friends, hut hosts and weather for the memorys from the first trreking trip for 2011. 

I do my best to be active especially when I’m an aunt to two little girls! I’m very lazy though!! So I push myself all the time even though I'am fat I try my best to be healthy and fit :). My working  out outfits will always involve leggings  best place to get them are XXI plus size and H&M and for a great screen tee I would also recommend H&M they have an amzing basic section.